Youtube To Mp3 – is the best online service used in converting videos to mp3. This service is deployed over the web by websites and you can get this conversion done without the need to have an account. The primary essential requirement to get started is a YouTube URL.

YouTube to Mp3

When a URL is in place, you can start the conversion of a video file to mp3 by submitted the preferred link after which downloading it will be as easy as ABC. Depending on the service of use, conversion can be done in a complete process and you get a whole file as a copy of the original video link while also having the access to download it to your device through the same process server.

The software being ran on this conversion process is platform-independent and can be used across all operating systems (Mac, a Linux PC or even an iPhone). Conversions are completely free and also performed in high-quality mode of at least 128 kb/s and an approximate 3 to 4 minutes time frame per link of conversion.

How To Convert From Youtube To Mp3

Converting YouTube videos to audio file can be done easily by using a top-notch converter with which the product can be an mp3 or mp4 file that you can now, in turn, download for free and the service is available for mobile devices, computers, and tablets.

To start converting files:

  • Visit
  • Highlight and copy the URL of your video of choice e.g:
  • Paste it into a conversion website ( that you want to use in carrying out the task.
  • Choose an mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) format
  • Click on the convert button as displayed.
  • Wait for the conversion to run through
  • When finished, you can download by clicking on the download link to get the file.

While some websites require you accept a page or two inscribed with terms and conditions of carrying out a file conversion, some other websites don’t. it is also noted worthy that if you have the time and/or luxury you should go on and read this terms and conditions page before forging ahead to convert your file.

It is also note worthy that some websites offer conversion capabilities for even files that are not permissible or unavailable for your location and a maximum conversion length for any videos is 2 hours. This is to reduce the conversion time for each video link and a considerable fact that the entire process is free.

Features Of Youtube To Mp3 Converter

  • You can now download YouTube videos with HD audio quality as mp3 files.
  • All leading YouTube to mp3 converters are cross platform compatible
  • Most converters are compatible with other video sites like Dailymotion, liveleak. and vimeo
  • Works with the latest web browsers
  • Offers super fast online conversions
  • Conversion with no registrations
  • Unlimited conversions and downloads
  • No installation or download of software is needed