Most time sharing files such as music, images, videos could always be a challenge using Bluetooth and other kinds media. It becomes more annoying when the files are very large and you have to send it to more than one person at a time. With Xender app you send all kinds of files with any size without the use of mobile data.

xender app

Xender app is an app used to share files amongst smartphones and PCs. The team created the Xender app. Xender was launched 2012 in China where it is named “Shan Chuan”. But was known as “Flash Transfer” in other countries.

Awesome Features of Xender App

For your file sharing needs, Xeder app is the best App. Below are some features backing up my statement.

High Transfer Speed: Can you imagine sharing a video of your party amongst your friends just in seconds. Xender app can send files at the rate of 10Mb/s.

Universal in file sharing: Xender app shares every kind of file you can ever think of. From Doc. Files, music, pictures, apps; just name it.

No network connection: Xender app does not need any form of network connection to make transfers. When I say network connection I mean no cable, internet or data usage.

Unlimited file size: Xender share files of any size as far as your device can receive it.

Allow inter flatform transfer: Unlike the Bluetooth which can not easily transfer from android to iOS device. Xender transfers between different devices without stress. It is available in four platform; windows, Android, Mac and iOS.

Support Easy device Switch: If you want to switch from an old smartphone to a new one. With Xender you can switch in just a step, having all your files in the new device.

File manager: With Xender app you can manage your device easily. Created folders, delete a files and so on.

User-friendly design: Xender is designed in a way which a novice can use it.

Slide a picture to share it: By just sliding a pics you can share to your friend.

Supports Multiple : xender support 24 languages.

How Does Xender App Word

The tech behind Xender is so amazing. Though it’s no magic, just a simple WiFi Hotspot tech.To transfer files between two smart devices. You need to download the app on both devices and install fully following the steps.With Xender you can send and receive file directly without a connection.

Xender file Transfer Methods

There are two basic transfer methods. The first one is the shake method. This method allows a user to select a file and shake to transfer to a connected user.The other is the Group method. With this you can send a file to many users at the Sam time.

In conclusion, you will never regret downloading Xender app to your device. I’ve have used it and really enjoyed all its feature. You can give it a try and I’m sure you will be back to drop a thank you comment.