www.Apple.com is one of the biggest websites available for arguably one of the best brands in the world at present. When it comes to the dispersion of information and happenings in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Apple is simply one of the bests around. On their website, they deal with a lot of self-produced products that range from ;


  • Laptops
  • Phones
  • Desktops
  • Smartphones
  • Multimedia devices
  • Music players etc.

The company owning this voluptuous website www.Apple.com, have constantly been keen on succeeding in the media world and owes its breakthrough to one of its greatest ever innovators known as STEVE JOBS.

With the company being so keen on innovations, it has simply explained why they have been so successful in their phone production and sales. They have been operating from their headquarters in the United state, and have stayed focused on trying to grow their customer base, through the use of diverse means including the use of their website.

www.Apple.com – Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies are usually based on all of the following ;

  • Products
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Place of distribution.

Product Strategy

The products are either the ones that can be seen or handled or not. The ones that can be seen are the products which they sell, and the intangible ones include services such as warranties, installation etc.

On apple, the products which can be seen and felt are the best ones they give. They give in to extensive research and are able to produce products that meets up the fantasies of a common man. Examples of such products made include the iPhones that are produced in sleek fashion and have the ability to carry out many activities that have not even been deemed attainable by some other smartphones. The goal of the company has been to meet up with the needs of customers and wow them, and they have not failed on taking their expectations and turning it into reality.

PRICE – www.Apple.com

This is the only negativity faced by the apple company. Their prices of goods and products are only affordable by the rich and sometimes average people in their customers base. This is because they make use of innovations and advanced technology while producing their products. Because of this, their prices seem to be high, as they would rather sell quality products to a smaller audience than to sell substandard products to a large set of persons. With this, they have stood firm throughout the years, and I don’t see that changing soon.


The promotion of Apple products has most of the time been based on their quality. It literally speaks for itself. Although they have a well-functioning website where you can know anything you need to know about their products and services. Adverts have been carried out on both TV stations and over social media platforms, which have skyrocketed above all other brands in the world. www.Apple.com is known worldwide, as the best brand when it comes to phones and electronics, and have maintained its reputation all throughout its years of stay in the business.

  • Place

The iPhone can be bought in millions of apple outlet worldwide, and they have packaged retail services that could bring your products to you anywhere and anytime. This retail service is being controlled by their online platform where all products are specially organized to be chosen easily by customers.