The Walgreens app is an app that avails most of the services of a pharmacy to users from the comfort and ease of their mobile devices. With the app users are able to transfer prescriptions, chat with qualified pharm techs, review weekly sale adverts, create shopping lists and interestingly request photos directly from a tablet or phone.

Walgreen app

How Walgreens App Works

Patients who need prescription refills are able to order from the app by first registering a pharmacy account. For Walgreens customers who already have active accounts, their accounts would have to go through a verification process were users would have to answer security questions about their previous addresses or vehicles. The app shows numerous ways in which the patient health information (PHI) may be used effectively.

There are other ways users can refill their prescriptions. They can do so by either gaining access to medications in their account profile or by the prescription numbers or by scanning their prescription label. GPS location, city or zip code are used in finding and choosing a suitable pharmacy for the patient. Once that is done, a map with a link to directions is made available to the patient via apple or google map.

 Features of Walgreens App

The app amongst its numerous other features also has a pill reminder feature which the patient may use to set prescription refill reminders or daily dosing. With this feature, the patient is also able to set notifications, enable a feature to note when the pill has been taken, export data in order to share the medication list with the patient’s prescribers. This information can be protected with a passcode of the user’s choice.

Other amazing attributes of the app include prescription status and history, insurance card submission. Only users with verified accounts are allowed to use these features. Account verification could take several days. There are also some other useful parts of the app that don’t require having an account. They include live doctor consultation and pharmacy chat.

The live doctor consultation costs $49 per visit which would include a live video call with an average 12 minute waiting time. Walgreens in partnership with MDlive have made this service available nationwide for non-emergency visits like acne, respiratory problem, allergies, urinary problems etc. This service is usually not covered by insurance in many cases, although it can be charged under an FSA or HSA plan. Patients may set prescriptions to any pharmacy of choice.

It is important to note that narcotics will not be prescribed. Patients who may need to meet one on one with a provider can book a Walgreen health-care clinic appointment via the app if the clinics are available in the geographic location or area. The pharmacy chat feature is one that helps connect users with live pharmaceutical professionals. Through this, patients can get information about medications and drug pricing.

The pharmacy chat feature is one that helps connect users with live pharmaceutical professionals. Through this, patients can get information about medications and drug pricing.

More on the Walgreens App

Retail services such as tracking of the Walgreens rewards card, clipping coupons from the weekly adverts and shopping for various items which can be shipped to the users or found at a local Walgreens store are also offered on the app.

Patients who have an iPhone can link the apple health app to the Walgreens app and get extra reward points for setting and achieving health-related targets like exercise and blood pressure. This feature is powered by web MD.

Another attractive feature of the app that really intrigues users is the photo section. With these feature users are able to order prints, cards, posters etc., of photos on their mobile devices. The app also accesses pictures stored on Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or Flickr. Users can also send pictures to any store location of their choice, depending on what’s ordered and may be picked up in an hour.

Overall, the Walgreens app is very useful, especially for patients who frequently visit the pharmacy and retail shoppers also. One may also keep the app just for the photo services alone.