Uber driver – Uber has been on a 5-6 years trip so far in its existence. It has made a successful business firm in 58+ countries. So far in its lifespan and this growth of its services isn’t about to stop anytime soon. It is a common cab service platform that has its success of service delivery solely resting on the back of freelance drivers.

uber driver

Be it as it may, Uber drivers keep being on the rise and so far has made the company worth over fifty billion dollars. Even though its success in any country means the local taxi firms and owners will have to experience a shortage in its clientele and income status.

The most enlightening aspect of the Uber driver is they get an hourly rate for each of the cab option service. They provide for the company. And so far across the country, the hourly rate is at an average of about $7 for the UberX option. This rate is recorded to be the highest amongst all taxi drivers and chauffeur.

In 2015, it was noticed that Uber dropped its hourly rate for these drivers by 30%. They did that with an excuse that lingered around the drivers having other active jobs. And Uber being a space-time business so they don’t have a huge desperation for cash. This, on the other hand, made drivers earning say $15000 within the span of five months should now be expecting less of $3000

Facts about Uber driver You Should Know

  • No Discounts: If an Uber driver at some point becomes the passenger they need to chauffer to a location. They get same charge as regular customers.
  • 10 Years Lifespan For Cars: The car specification leaves the Uber driver to provide a compulsory four door car for its services. Drivers with a higher rating are tasked with inspection and verification of new drivers and their car for a $20 stipend.
  • Uber Partners: Offer drivers a chance to rent a car or a phone for a particular sum.
  • No Tip For Drivers: Drivers only get the 80% share of the fare payment with only one in ten clients offering a tip. They have an obligation to refute unless insisted upon by the customer.
  • Both Party Rating: The driver and passenger rate each other after a ride. Usually, drivers almost always rate every passenger a 5 but how you rate the drivers determines their accounts get deactivated or not.
  • Acceptance Window: The window of accepting a trip request is usually small.  Drivers ratings are also resting on the number of trips they accept or ignore. The best rate is to accept 80% of all trip that comes to you.
  • Destinations Are Unknown:. Uber driver goes on a ride blindly as only the app and the customer knows where they service is headed. So a ride might be a 5min show or series of hours.
  • Type Of Passengers: Uber driver might be on the verge of picking up a celeb or an escort. It has no order as long as the passenger can afford the trip.

How to Drive with Uber

Uber as a company has created a means of employment for a lot of people. The company is still very open to employing more drivers. This is because as the day goes by the service become the preferred for the public. If you wish to become a Uber drive, you can click here to get every requirement of becoming a Uber driver.