TunnelBear VPN (virtual private network) provides you with a private, secure and less restricted Internet connection.

The world today is technologically pervasive, and this has given room for worries and concerns over the security and protection of one’s privacy in surfing the internet and other applications that ease the way we do things in our daily lives.


Tunnel bear to a large extent is the world’s most flexible VPN (virtual private network). This is because of the way it channels internet connection through it’s “tunnel” is safe and well protected.

The effectiveness of the (Tunnelbear) application in our diverse and distinct internet usage is impeachable and top notch.

What Does A Tunnelbear Do?

In a nutshell, it does the job of protecting your privacy, keeping location hidden from hackers and most importantly bypassing the almighty internet censorship. Thereby making you have an experience as good as those in the other countries.

Tunnelbear And Its Handiness

TunnelBear is flexible and dynamic, thereby making it a multi-functional and handy internet connectivity tools. However, let’s see the various ways Tunnel bear works.

  • Data Security: The application of guides your personal information from getting into the hands of the unrelenting hackers we have on Wi-Fi and a host of other local networks, so TunnelBear surely ensures that your privacy is not tampered with.
  • Access to Global Internet: With a very effective VPN, you get “tunneled” to a cross-section of other countries with almost no internet restriction, as you can gain access to even sites that are totally blocked.
  • Your IP Address & Location are hidden: With TunnelBear, hackers, advertisers have no access to your IP address and making both your physical location and otherwise unknown to third parties.
  • Convenient and Reliable: You get updates via your email and favorite sites, plus entertainment and local news while you are on the go. This is due to the ability of its VPN to bypass all restrictions to keep you abreast with current happenings.
  • Restrict Trackers: It does an effective job of blocking and trashing out of online trackers, and this goes a long way in limiting how your private affair does not go public.

So this is definitely a revolution in internet navigation.