Traffic Racer is a racing game which enables you to enjoy your drive through the highway. Also while playing your game you can buy a car and earn money. Traffic racer aims at you being the fastest driver while playing the game and get more points. This game was built by soner kara, Traffic Racer enable you to move both right and left making sure you don’t hit anyone. Traffic has over 4.8m downloads. The players gets points each time they overtake cars and maintain a speed above 100kph

Traffic Racer

Features Of Traffic Racer

Traffic Race has some unique features which makes it different and more interesting that other kinds of car racing games. Below are some of its amazing features.

  • It has over 35 cars to select from while you are playing and getting money to buy them.
  • Traffic racer has different games mode (two-way driving, free ride, police catch, time trial and endless one or two-way ride)
  • Change of paints and car wheels; In the game, you can pimp your cars by giving it a color of your choice and a preferred wheel.
  • Different environment: This make the game very unique as you can ride on different environment and weather like rainy, desert, suburb, night and snowy.
  • Smooth Roads: The road on the game are so smooth that you will always be tempted to increase your speed.
  • Amazing 3D graphics; this feature makes you want to play the games all day.
  • On your screen you can find an acceleration pedal on the right and a brake pedal on the left side of the screen. This makes make it look more like reality
  • It a viewing point at the back of the rider vehicle. This can help have different views of the games
  • Traffic racer has different categories auto-mobile. It as has the car, bus and truck category.
  • While enjoy your car race on a very high speed there several background sounds that make the game much fun.

Game Tips On how To Play Traffic Racer

Here are some rules that will help you play the game effectively and enjoy it.

  • Drive closely to cars and overtake gives you bonus scores and cash
  • Be at your high speed and get more scores
  • Drive in through the double lane attract extra scores.

Traffic Racer GAME RULES

  • Touch the acceleration pedal to speed up.
  • Touch the brake pedal to slow down or stop.
  • Move the phone sideways to drive against flows of traffic.
Game Points
  • 500 POINTS— Overtake 10 cars
  • 1000 POINTS—-Overtake 25 cars
  • 1500POINTS—-Overtake 50 cars
  • 2000 POINTS—-Overtake 50 Cars
  • 2500 POINTS—- Overtake 100 cars
  • 3000 POINTS—-Overtake 100
  • 5000 POINTS—- Overtake 200 cars

I have been playing this game for a very long while now, and it has never been bored doing that. You will always want more. If you wish to have an experience of this game, below is the link to download.