Toys R Us is a group of commercial stores that are known for manufacturing and selling toys. It was founded in 1948 by Charlse Lazarus in the USA. In 2016, the company was sold to an American investment company known as (KKR, Bain Capital Partners LLC and Vornado Reality Trust). Now they are known to have many branch stores all over the world, with the vast majority of them coming from its parent country USA.

Toys R US

The company covers over 10000 square meters in size and boasts to be owners of one of the biggest toys shop in NEW YORK. Apart from being a leading giant in the US, it has also made its mark on the French soil by becoming the leading name when it comes to the production and dispersion of toys flourishing the toy market.

Their claims to being one of the world’s leading toys brand are based on the fact that their staffs remain competent through undiluted passion and daily commitments injected into their everyday work. They also make sure all staffs are sent to receive required training, to further take them to a higher level of quality, to in turn produce better services and products to meet the needs of their highly esteemed customers.

Furthermore, they dwell in a strong cohesive bond that contains togetherness, and impeccable character, when it comes to their relationships with one another.

What Toy R Us Offers

  • Motives

This brand is bent on offering great, exciting quality toys to families and customers that could be used in satisfying their need for fun during leisure time. It places its interest generally on children, customers, and staffs.

  • Choice

TOYS ‘R’ US have built their brand around the choices of customers. The choice of what they produce is largely determined by the ongoing trends or the cravings from customers. When customers are in need for a particular type of products, they try as much as possible to produce them at blistering speed and send them to their shops immediately, while also maintaining their standard and quality.

  • Advise And Expertise

With over half a century of existence in the US and Two decades of existence in France alone, it is safe to say that any advice from them is most likely to be reliable and would go a long way in setting up a similar brand on the right path.

  • Service

This brand pays great attention to its followers, and have devised means of being in direct contact with their customers, answering queries and giving advice on the use of products. They have also been top class in retailing these products to reach consumers far and wide.

Toys R Us has thrived under the following Values:


Toys R Us Marketing Strategy

They have made use of numerous strategies in making sure that their products are promoted far and wide. They include

  • Making prices affordable for consumers while also meeting up to their demand in quality.
  • Setting up shops at strategic points, so that they can be easily seen
  • Making creative adverts on television and over the internet that makes customers know more about them.
  • Selling only their brand products to ensure that customers are guaranteed 100% quality because the products were solely created by them.