To-Do List is one of the first essentials for today go-getters. If you know what a To Do List is, then you know how necessary automating the entire process of checking and unchecking tasks are. So to say, having a To Do List App becomes far too much a relevant necessity.

to do list app

If you are unfamiliar with the role of a To Do List, let me remind you. Those days when things to do daily or weekly becomes overwhelming and those days when you have more than one project to handle within a time frame; so you have to break them into different tasks simultaneously and wondering which to handle first. Those days when we end up waking up a certain day and the deadline is here. We start recalling those tasks that were forgotten. Those were the days when a To Do List becomes our best of friends and help us become more efficient.

They help us keep track of our activities so we can stay up to date on what we need to do and when we need to get them done.

Features of a To Do List App

The most sort after features for your To Do List App are:

  1. Support for Personal and Work Life: You can’t be arranging and organizing your tasks with an app that automates this process if it does it for one aspect of your life. If you do, you will lose track of time and end up even more inefficient.
  2. Dynamic Expansion: Your To Do List App should have the extension capabilities of integrating with other tools. Other tools mentioned here are not limited to calendar, cloud syncing for ease of access, reminders and countdown timers (optional).
  3. Ease of Access: You and your team members mustn’t always be together before things can be done or tasks can be achieved. So cloud syncing of some sort is of paramount importance.

This is to mention but a few that I regard as vital for the sake of making your life even much more easier.

Some Highly Rated To Do List App (s)

  • Wunderlist: Is a free to use app with a paid version. It is also cross-platform independent.
  • CloudTasks: Has a free and paid version of features. It also syncs with the Google Task app
  • Do: Has a free version and three (3) varying payment options for users who need more than the basic set of features made available to them.
  • Trello: Is completely free with Google Drive and Dropbox support
  • GTasks: Is a free to use app with a pro version
  • TickTick: Is free with optional subscription options
  • To Do List: Has a free and paid version
  • Google Keep: This app is entirely free and is meant solely for note keeping. But its reminder capabilities can help with your To-Do List tasks.
  • Todoist: Free with a paid version that brings in more features for extra security
  • Tasks (Astrid): Is free too, with optional subscription options

Staying organized and being perceived as organized is something worth emulating. It is also a character trait that can help make you outstanding in an organization. So, did you just move up the ladder in your work environment or get assigned a new role? Does this mean you have to manage a huge department all by yourself or you just want your life in order? Did you also just add another stream of business (es) to your existing chain of establishments? A To-Do List App can help you stay on top of each project and its stream of tasks and you end up being more efficient/productive with no too much effort.