Tinder App is a social mobile app that is focused on interested users being mutually exclusive. In other words, it is a location-based dating app for matched users to enhance interaction. Commonly used as a dating app.

tinder app

It still offers more services that qualifies it to be classified as a social media platform. Its basic mode of operation involves matching users and this matching is done off Spotify and Facebook profiles.

Created in Hatch Labs and launched 2012, its user base skyrocketed to about one billion active users in 2014. In May 2013, it debuted as one of the top 25 social networking platforms. Based on the frequency of use and number of users available on the web. Users can swipe right to view a potential match or swipe left to move to a different user. This made Tinder one of the first apps that promoted “swiping”. This feature replaced an initial clicking on a green “heart” or red “X” to select or move to a different user.

A web version of the Tinder app was launched in 2017 and this version allowed users access Tinder using their desktops devices. This version is currently only available in Sweden, Argentina, Italy, Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, and Brazil. The web version has limited features compared to the mobile app itself.

Features of Tinder App

Profile Syncing: If you are using Facebook or registered on Spotify, Tinder will build a user profile for you using the uploaded photos and info found on your existing profile.

Swiping: The swipe feature is a huge part of Tinder’s design that is used to by users to “like” potential matches or continue with their search.

Matchmaking: The users’ social graph is used to determine who is most likely be compatible with another user. Location, common interests and a number of mutual friends are also used in spotting possible matches.

Instagram integration: The platform has support for one user accessing other users’ Instagram profiles.

Common Connections: This is for likely connection(s) outside of the Tinder app. Like checking for Facebook mutual friends, or you and your matches’ separate friends being friends outside of Tinder, etc

Paid subscriptions: Tinder has its version of paid service called Tinder plus. This version has quite a number of features that aren’t available on the freemium version. These features include unlimited matches and a varying subscription price for different age groups.

Super Likes: Tinder offers users a few like options that help you indicate a picture for a possible match.

Boosts: For about £3.99, you can boost your profile to be the top user in your location for a few minutes.

Grouping: Allows you find a group of friends to hang out with.  Go to your profile and create a group, add at least one friend to start swiping with other groups of friends.

Downloading Tinder App

To start using Tinder, you can download the app to your Android and iOS devices

  • Launch your mobile app store
  • Search and install the Tinder app
  • Launch the app after installation to set up your account
  • Grant location access
  • Adjust settings to your preference
  • … and start Swiping

Tinder is widely used in about 30 languages, user base of about 50 million people per month and about 12 million matches between users per day. Age limit is 18 with more than 8 billion successful matches since Tinder was launched.