Telegram sign up, can be done with any device. It is a quick and easy process, that can be achieved in minutes. Telegram sign up gives you access to a free, fast, secure and simple-to-use platform.

telegram sign up

Telegram sign up, can be performed in two ways, which is through the Web version or Telegram Sign up thru the mobile app. In this article, we take you thru the steps of signing up for both platforms.

Telegram is a free cloud-based instant messaging platform that is designed for both ( Ubuntu Touch, Windows Phone, Android, iOS) as well as desktop systems ( Windows, macOS, Linux). With it, you can send messages, and exchange photos, videos, stickers, and files of any type and size.

Now that you know what you stand to gain as you engage on this platform, let’s get started on the Telegram sign up process.

Telegram Sign Up on Mobile

  • To begin, you have to first download the app depending on your device
  • Once you download the telegram app, you will be required to launch the app, by tapping on the Telegram icon
  • Thereafter, tap on “Start Messenger” option if it pops up.
  • Choose your country, and fill in your phone number, with country zip code
  • Confirm the number, by tapping the next tab
  • You will be sent a confirmation code thru SMS on your phone, which you will be need to use in confirming your Telegram Registration
  • Once your Telegram Registration, has been confirmed, you will instantly be logged in, with your account fully setup and activated.

Telegram Sign Up on the Web

  • To get started, scroll to the Telegram Sign up portal at
  • Next, choose your country
  • Fill in your phone number, along with your country code, and then tap on “Next”
  • Verify your number, before you go ahead
  • Thereafter, a code will be sent to you by Telegram Messenger online
  • Type in the code in the space provided, to enable Telegram messenger automatically finish the Telegram Registration
  • Your contact will automatically be searched by Telegram Messenger, to bring up all your friends that are already making use of Telegram.

You just successfully performed your Telegram sign up.

You can hook up on this social media platform, that can enable you easily and quickly send messages, exchange photos, videos, stickers and files of any type and size with end to end encryption. Try the Telegram sign up today, to tap into all these benefits.