TAGGED SEARCH – As unfamiliar as the name may be depending on the region of the world where you find yourself, tagged is a social networking site or social discovery site as it is popularly called that is based in California.

Tagged search

Tagged Search came into existence in 2004 as a platform that allows its registered members to socialize with one another through profile discovery of new people and incorporating these new people in individual social circles while reportedly having an estimate of 24.5 million monthly users at 2011.


Upon registration, users can customize their page to suit their preferred personal needs.

Give a brief bio summary about themselves for the entertainment of their profile visitors.

Send and receive messages through the inbox feature

Get statistics on page views and visitors

Use chat rooms for real-time conversations

Rate other user’s uploaded pictures and videos

Can upload and delete pictures and videos

Send and receive friends request from/to other users

Play games

And the list goes on and on to make the platform great when it comes to interacting with different people as a bid of sharing diversified interest on topics and social fantasies, sharing of online gifts and buying of gold coins for better user experience.


Tagged search launched its iOS and android versions of a mobile app to make the site more accessible, increase users’ interest and interaction time on the platform. Tagged was in existence during the Facebook start-up era, which means there was a bit of struggle in the staying relevant on social media but according to the CEO of tagged, they found out they can’t win this fight thus focused on making this a platform where users can meet new people and broaden their connections.

Tagged also thought of the possibility of people actually connecting over a bunch of text exchange, they made available options for your local city and is said to use algorithms like Games, Interest and Romance to create awareness for each user. Which means they match users who can meet up for the sake of starting a relationship (Romance), play games online based on interest?

An interesting game feature that has boosted the site is one called pets. Users can own other users as their pets buy and sell them at will too during play and these users don’t have to be familiar with each other and I believe it makes it easier to trade them at will.

It won’t be a bad idea if the future of tagged should rest on it being a platform that incorporates other platforms.