Spotify provides an avenue for you to play any song, anywhere — for free. With the recent evolution of music formats, the way we collect and listen to tunes has been drastically overhauled. Standard vinyl albums, Cassette tapes and CDs are increasingly becoming obsolete.


The invisible, intangible digital audio track are rapidly filling every nook and cranny of our tech-saturated world. That’s why Internet radio services have taken over the Web waves.

Now let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this software.


  1. It is a multi-platform software: Spotify covers all the popular platforms that you could enjoy music on. As of May 2015, the software was available for Android, BlackBerry, Boxee, iOS, Linux, MeeGo, Microsoft Windows desktop, Windows Mobile and Phone etc.
  2. It is user-friendly and easy to use: It allows users to listen to any song whenever they want, for as many times as they want. It organizes the playlists and automates the process of searching for individual tracks, artists, and albums making it super easy for users.
  3. It offers free subscription: Unlike other similar music streaming services, Spotify offers free subscription plan for users to access Spotify music for free. That means people don’t have to pay before enjoying the millions of songs, although they have a subscription plan for premium users.
  4. It comes with an incredibly large music database: There are at least 20 million songs in this software. This is its biggest advantage of being able to readily provide users choice of songs instantly without having to purchase or download it from any store.

Now to the setbacks associated with Spotify

  1. The free plan  has limitation: Spotify sets limitation on its free plan to ensure that it would not affect the company’s revenues, after all, Spotify is a commercial company. With the intrusive Advertisements associated with the free plan it becomes less fun to use. Also With a free account, you can only shuffle songs in the mobile apps and its sound quality is lower.
  2. Song can’t be downloaded even with the  Premium plan: By subscribing to its Premium service, you are able to enjoy Spotify music offline with the device that installed the app. However, you can’t listen to Spotify music on your music player. It does not offer an option to download the music as MP3 files.

Spotify has grown to become a legitimate alternative to illegal-file sharing and aspiring to become the next big thing in the digital music revolution.

It offers people instant access to their choice of songs, ranging from just-released electronic trance tracks to 1920’s jazz, and much, much more. As of July 2015, it has gained 75 million active users worldwide with over 20 million paid subscribers, and the number is continuously on the increase.

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