Smart Launcher – Launchers are the most used apps amongst all Android apps in the market today. They offer better personalization options to all cross-platform device owners. Since all androids come with a basic interface, these launchers bring improved accessibility to icons from the home-screen.

smart launcher

Smart launcher happens to be one of the unique launchers within the groups of launchers. It adds a bit of extra functionality to the basic settings of an Android device. This function is centred around resetting your display interface.

Smart Launcher brings the true definition of simplicity, ensures that the application of convenience is vital, and makes flexibility easier than we would imagine. It’s easy to configure and comes with a free and paid package. The free package has limited features even though they are too numerous in reality. Smart launcher has since its first release, been on top of its game by improving and releasing better versions of the launcher.

Features of Smart Launcher

The interface design is quite attractive; it is small but has, even more, features attached to it. Below is the list of features:

  • Simple design, doesn’t need reflex knowledge to know how to use it
  • Notifications on home-screen
  • Free themes with icon and widgets designs for your home-screen
  • Quick access to favourite apps
  • Use of double tap to load the second app
  • Quick search bar for apps, contacts and web
  • Double tap to turn off screen
  • Get notifications for all frequently used apps
  • Searching of main apps using smart categories
  • Less resource usage of RAM and battery
  • Integrated lock screen with notifications
  • Tons of themes and lock screens support for icon and widgets
  • Feature picks; only the features you want will function
  • Hiding of apps security feature
  • Portrait and landscape mode
  • Compatibility with almost every Android device

Installation of Smart Launcher

Installation of Smart Launcher is the best line of action for your device. This launcher for both smartphones and tablets can be installed with the following steps

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Search for smart launcher
  3. Click to open Smart Launcher
  4. Click on the Install option
  5. Accept terms and services
  6. Allow download to complete
  7. Tap the launcher icon and set as preferred icon
  8. Review other settings for customizing options

Smart Launcher comes with the following as its basic launchers:

  • Messaging
  • Dialer
  • Gallery
  • Web browser
  • Music
  • Camera
  • Email

To add new options, you can

  1. Long-press any of the launchers
  2. Tap on the plus sign [+] that’ll appear
  3. Tap on Other activity
  1. Scroll through to find your app of choice
  2. Select it and it will appear on your home-screen

With smart launcher you can Express your personality by customizing your icons and wallpapers. Express your style with the thousands of downloadable themes and extendable action icons.