Skiplagged – Cheap Flight Tickets – If you find a way to save hundreds of dollars on airline tickets by clicking your mouse a few times, wouldn’t you want to explore that option? SkipLagged is a website that can help you find “hidden cities” and how to get there using cheaper airfares.


SkipLagged gets up to 200,000 site visit each day from regular and new users. All these visitors have one thing in mind. That idea that has brought them to the shores of SkipLagged is the idea of looking for hidden city tickets.

Essentially, SkipLagged is a website developed by a 22-year-old tech inclined designer in his spare time. And the website so far shows people how to find lower fares using a strategy that’s been in existence for a while but made unknown to the public.

How Does SkipLagged Work?

As a traveller, if you are looking to fly from one location to another you are obligated to go for the flight service with cheaper rates. Say you want to fly from Newark to Miami, while direct flights cost something like $541, SkipLagged might offer the same destination for $325.

It is usually a one-way ticket with no checked bags, this is why most airlines kick against it even though it offers some good to a lot of individuals out there. The regular airlines that somehow claims to be legal kicks against this style of ticket plans because

  1. It brings some sort of reduction to their income status.
  2. It breaks the statistics of how many people won’t show up for flights that a designated program brings to their notice.
  3. It also reduces their chances of overbooking flights. This is an act done deliberately in order to combat flight cancellations.
  4. When these computer programs record a full flight because of people patronizing SkipLagged, the regular airline clients end up paying higher for airline tickets to the same routes.
  5. Reduces chances for walk-in clients to get seats on available flights
  6. It also affects the hidden-city ticket owners, should the flight take a different route for any reason whatsoever the hidden-city passengers will end up stuck.

You can visit their site today to get a cheap flight at

This is to mention but a few. While most of these concerns are real, you should consider which suits you before using any of the services. Both regular airline and tickets from SkipLagged.

Other Cheap Travel Sites like SkipLagged

  • Google Flights: With this cheap travel site, you can search for one-way, round-trip, or multi-trip tickets. You can be explicit about which airline network your prefer, choose your preferred flight time, and even specify the maximum number of stops you can tolerate.
  • ITA Matrix: Is still a part of Google Flights but works exceptionally in providing its users with wonderful tools that can be used to get the best flight deals out there.
  • Hipmunk: One of the first cheap travel websites out there. They’ve incorporated hotels with their corresponding hotel deals that fits in with your travel plans.
  • Skyscanner: Goes beyond Hipmunk and brings even rental cars into the picture. So you can search for flights, hotels and rental cars with the best deals for each of them and your travel budget.