Princess Polly is a brand that started in the year 2005 as an ordinary motar and brick store in Queensland. They broadened their horizons and went on to start making sales off online platforms after some few years. The originators of this brand had faith that they will be able to stamp their authority in the fashion business by changing their game, and upgrading to a more online sales style.

Princess Polly

They also believed that the owners of Princess Polly believed that starting an online market will give them the ability to cover lots of grounds as opposed to having stores. Not only that, but launching an online store and advertising themselves through social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram would allow them to gain a loyal following, and closely interact with their customers.

In 2010, they successfully opened up an online market platform for the display of their products and heavily marketed these products using their online marketing skills through Facebook and Instagram. This went a long way in increasing their popularity, as they became well known by a good number of persons in such a short period.

They went on to become one of the most popular online shops in Australia, as their products which included the sales of fashion dresses, and accessories including beauty products,  became well known on social media.

Soon afterward, the brand no longer had a physical presence in terms of buildings and shops, and they soon started taking all their focus to their online website platform known as ‘’.

The major audience and customer base princess Polly is looking to hook up with include the growing young teenagers and young adults will not have exceeded 26 years of age. As a brand, princes poly have never sold any fashion product related to any other persons, but for young girls. This they have made known to all their followers on Facebook and Instagram and as well to every other customer who may have known them by one means or the other.

Competitors On The Same Level With Princess Polly

Princess Polly like every other brand has competitors who are almost in the same business style as you and sell the same product type. Some of them, in this case, include Beginning Boutique and Showpo. They are based in Australia and do their market on the internet without having physical structures erected in the name of shops.

While they ate similar, there are tiny differences that separate all three of them. Showpo is the most similar to princess Polly in the way they market their products, but they have more presence in social media because of they male use of YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat etc. And all these mentioned are not being used by Princess Polly.

Marketing Strategies Employed By Princess Polly

  • Extensive social media marketing which has been evident in their continuous upward rise to face internationally.
  • Sales of multiple branded products within their brand.
  • Use of well-organized web platform to reach customers
  • Reliable customer care services to answer questions and give suggestions.