Pinterest Facebook – Connecting your Pinterest account to Facebook, enables you easily share Pins, and boards to Facebook.

Pinterest Facebook displays all of your selected Pinterest boards or the boards you choose to feature. Users of Pinterest can now click on an individual board to see the pins for that board.

Pinterest Facebook

Facebook, as a social media giant, enables users to get and stay connected to millions of users across the globe. The Facebook platform offers users personal as well as business platforms. With it’s billion active users, you can be sure that Pinterest has got you covered in whatever you intend to do on the social media platform.

Pinterest as a web and mobile application company offers its users unique opportunities of discovering new ideas on fashion, recipes, and on everyday things that matters the most to them. Users can pin on their boards, and also follow the boards of people they find interesting.

Pinterest is designed to present users, with a catalog of ideas which more than 100 million people around the globe make use of every month. User’s can save images and videos (“Pins”) to curated collections (“Boards”) from any website, or user’s are given option to upload their own.

Pinterest Facebook – Link Your Facebook Account to Pinterest

Pinterest Facebook helps your Facebook page visitors to view your Pinterest content. It integrates marketing between Pinterest and Facebook, and enables user’s, create exposure between their Facebook fans and their Pinterest account.

Users of Pinterest can also promote their Pinterest contest on their Facebook fan page, by posting an image of one of the prizes accompanied by a brief explanation. Links can be included to their blog, within the description of the model where fans could locate more details about how to enter.

User’s, who introduce their fan base to their presence, on Pinterest can create an effective way, to gain more followers.

Posts can be shared, on both platforms at the same time, by making use of automation, to tie all posts together, to enable you to save time. Immediately, you’ve set this up; an eye can be kept on your Facebook page, enabling you automatically pin every new post you make to a board on Pinterest, so every follower, despite the network, can view what you have to share.

Start out today on the Pinterest Facebook, and take advantage of the teaming audience on both platforms you’ve already built on both social media platforms, and fast-track your success on both platforms.