The Pinterest app is designed with a catalog of ideas. It is a social network with millions of users, where you can find photos and images that you appreciate. It offers a virtual version of the pinboarding way that inspires projects they will like to try out.

pinterest app

The Pinterest app enables you to follow other blogs and “pin” their ideas to your wall, which you can organize into multiple sections, such as food, clothing etc. You can also post your own “pins” to share a favorite idea you have.

Pinterest posting and sharing features are very easy to access from Pinterest app, it presents your feed just like it appears on your web board and adding something to your pinboard actually requires just a few clicks. A pin can also be sent directly to someone you know on the site, log in thru Facebook and Twitter to share contacts from there, even though there is no way of importing your phone’s contacts to locate new people to follow.

Pinterest app also enables you to visit and browse thru other boards created by fellow users, to leave comments to intimate them on what you think, and ‘repin’ items to bring them to your own board.

With this application, you can take photograph and immediately pin it to your board to share with all your followers. It provides an excellent way to instantly share your daily experiences.

Pinterest has garnered over 200 million active monthly users, all thanks to its particular style of publishing photos. Pinterest constantly focuses on stoking the power of it’s content, to keep it’s users coming back for more.

Things you can do with the Pinterest App

  • You get to find everyday ideas for the things you love. This may include, what to put on, what to make for dinner, what to put on your wall and more ideas for every part of your life.
  • You can save ideas for later, organize ideas by topic, so they are always easy to locate
  • Locate by keyword or with your camera and discover ideas inspired by anything you point the Pinterest camera at.
  • Collaborate with friends, and save ideas together for your next group trip, party or project
  • Save ideas you find around the web, by using the Pinterest’s save button on your mobile browser.

How to Add the Pinterest app to your Home Screen on Android

When your Pinterest app gets updated, you will notice that the Pinterest icon disappears from your home screen on your Android device or tablet. Here’s how to get it back;

  1. Go to “My apps & games” in the Play Store to verify that Pinterest is up to date. In case it’s not, click “Update”
  2. Navigate to your device’s Home Screen, and click “Apps”
  3. Locate Pinterest in the list of apps
  4. Tap and hold the Pinterest app, slide it in your Home screen and let it go

Note: Some of these steps may differ on your phone or tablet, because Android isn’t exactly the same on every device. Your app may disappear again, while you are going thru some updates.