Nokia 3310 is back and also reinvented after 17 years

Nokia 3310 – Take your time and try to picture your first phone.

There is every tendency you’re picturing the Nokia 3310, a grey marvel and midnight blue that was launched back in September 2000 and familiarized many a phone lovers to the mobile world. If you cannot still get more flash backs it had swappable and customisable plastic case, unseen antenna, T9 text input and the fabulous game Snake, the 3310 is precisely remembered as one of the ultimate phones ever.

nokia 3310

Here it is, back again!!

Nokia 3310 which was first lunched in year 2000 now has an updated version which still retains its fabulous mobile game Snake and a month-long lasting battery life is to go on sale sooner this year

Nokia has relaunched its great 3310 cell phone as the tech firm uncovered another line-up in an attempt to patch up of the organization.

According to the company, the gadget which won’t have web network, will cost 49 euro (£41) and is gone for those searching for another or supposed “burner” mobile phone to make calls and send texts messages.

Having once been the world’s biggest mobile phone producer, Nokia has since slipped behind all its significant competitors and was sold off by former purchasers Microsoft a year ago.

And additionally the Nokia 3310  – Nokia likewise uncovered another line of mid-range present day mobile phones – including the Nokia 6 the company release in China at the begin of the year, and also a limited edition polished version known as the Arte Black – nearby the new Nokia 5 and Nokia 3.

               Nokia 3310 reboot: features, price, specs and Release date


Actually, If said modern, it not a smartphone. The network facility is 2.5G which implies you can browse the internet with the Opera Mini browser. If you want the Facebook and Twitter you can get it, but that would be much on the phone.

The camera is just 2 megapixels, the screen size measures 2.4 inches corner-to-corner with 240×320 pixels resolution, Sincerely speaking we’re fortunate it’s in colour.

In any case, as in the year 2000 these short-fall has its advantages. For the most part, the battery keeps going a month.

A month! With a discussion time of 22 hours, you can discourse on this mobile longer than some new smart phones will sit in your pocket not doing anything.

The new Nokia 3310 modernises the original’s well-known structure with more rounded-edges, more subtle buttons and a general smoothing, almost like the modernised Mini Cooper or those multi-coloured Daleks, simply better. It’s also noticeably thinner. It’s a playful, fun remodified from Nokia and is sure to buy the minds of retro phone fans.

Unlike the old version of Nokia 3310, this new version comes in the accustomed midnight blue and silver-grey, and also a bright sunshine yellow and warm orangey-red. Unfortunately the cases can’t be changed, due to the fact that the back comes off to get at the microSD card and removable battery.


This new version will cost 49 euros, when converted directly, is approximately £40, $50 or AU$70. Nokia is self-reliant the lively design and welcoming price will insinuate the new 3310 both to the retro phone fans and the newer generation searching for a cheap, disposable phone. You could show-off the new 3310 out at a friend’s birthday without feeling too embarrassed.


Nokia 3310 specs

  • 2.4-inch screen
  • 2-megapixel camera
  • 22 hours of talk time

In the course of the announcement at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Nokia also confirmed the new Nokia 3310 phones would made available worldwide in the second quarter of 2017.

According to Mr Nummela, Nokia CEO, he said “Today’s consumers are more discerning and demanding than ever before and for us they will always come first,”.

“Our efforts in bringing together world class manufacturers, operating systems and technology partners sees us proudly unveiling our first global portfolio of smartphones with a Nokia soul, delivering the very best experience to everyone.”


My conclusion is that Nokia has been one of the most legendary and recognizable phone brands worldwide for decades and I believe that are coming with something Wonderful.

For the snake game lover, your question now would be “Does it still have snake?” YESS! It does is the answer but in the process of putting every effort to modernise things, it came out with a weird colour version with updated graphics that has to do with travelling diagonally and for me the old version of the snake game is better

If you did not use the first Nokia 3310, here is another opportunity to experience it