MP3SKULL.COM – Amongst the numerous mp3 download sites spreading all around the internet today, is one of the topmost reliable ones that never ceases to provide direct downloadable links for mp3 files.


It provides easy access to unlicensed duplicates to copyrighted music files and Google sits on this aspect of the sites work to reduce its rank from Alexa’s known 500 websites as at 2013 when they updated their piracy algorithm.

Google didn’t only provide the downgrade for this site, it also gave other companies an idea. That idea I’ll call class action as music labels went into the business of taking the site to court. After lost the numerous class case lined up against them it became bad news for downloaders of free content but good news for record labels as they have successfully taken their “bad market” off the internet.

This case that has been in process all along came to an end in 2016, the people behind this site was asked by the court to pay a sum of $22million for all the illegally downloaded songs which occurred on their website. To think that was a huge penalty, the domain was asked to be turned in. But there’s a funny side to the story, while the entire case lasted in court nobody showed up on behalf of which literally made it easier for another clone of this website to spring up after the court ruling.

Even after the lawsuit ended one would think the people behind mp3skull has learnt their lesson and would stay off pirating the legal production of music, instead they kept having their own shift. The court remanded the and they moved to again to and the most recent


It was a phenomenal music search engine that regulated its piracy touch to all country where music emanated from. They offered a reaching hand to international music, Bollywood music, anything you might be searching for. The ease of use of this site led them to have and maintain millions of visitors such that each time their new domain is restricted they just move to another without fear of losing their visitors.

The millions of visitors still made them an easy target, why? When a site gets millions of visitors it’s a must to expect Google to catch it on its radar. Now imagine these record labels keeping up with this info and shutting them down each time they try to settle down in a new domain.


It’s not a new fact that while in business, you the business owner is praying for success there must be someone looking forward to your downfall just to grab that scintillating opportunity with say, the honest intent of doing it better than you. on the other hand gets better at improving the features of their site each time they resurface. They even got to the extent of incorporating a YouTube converter to their site, any song in a YouTube format can be converted to mp3 files and made available for users to download.

To name but a few of these sites that have seized the opportunity of’s downfall only to heighten their market relevance are but not limited to: