Using a Mortgage Calculator can help you correctly predict your mortgage payment for each month. With as little info as possible while also showing you your total interest for the life of your mortgage.

mortgage calculator

The online Mortgage Calculator requires the following info to get started:

  1. A specific amount you pay for your Home.
  2. The percentage of money to be handed to the home seller.
  3. The exact Mortgage Amount required to buy or refinance a new home

Other things you should be familiar with are sets of works usually associated with the services being rendered. Like:

Mortgage Years: Or term as its usually called refers to the length of mortgage that is being considered. Let say 40 years? Or 25 years mortgage, all based on what you want.

Rate of Interest: there are tables for Estimate mortgage rates from your locality will grant you access to this knowledge and easily plug it into the calculator.

Start Date: The month, day, and year of when you want to start your mortgage payments will be decided solely by you.

Alternative Uses Of Mortgage Calculator

For those times when you are not just interested in calculating mortgage rates and interests, you can use the mortgage calculator to serve other necessary purposes like:

  1. Deciding about ARM: adjustable rate mortgages can be very interesting but tricky as well. Some will notice it doesn’t save the day as much as it stipulates. So instead of just jumping at any offer, you find enticing, you might want to take a step back and really calculate the offer. To know if it’s flexible enough around your income.

Enter the ARM rate in a Mortgage Calculator, leave the term as 30 years. Then compare to the figures you get for a regular 30 years fixed mortgage to get a reality check of the interest rates to choose from.

  1. Paying off mortgage early: mortgage calculators come with Show Amortization Schedule that can help users to calculate savings on a parameter basis (monthly, yearly or one-time). To shorten term and bag savings by paying upfront on your principal loans.
  2. Exact time to be rid of private mortgage insurance: mortgage calculator can help determine when the 20 percent equity on all mortgage homes can be granted. With this equity number, you can request for a wave on private mortgage insurance for your home.

Points To Note About Mortgage Calculator (s)

  • Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) comes along when down payment on your home is less than 20% of the property value.
  • PMI, homeowners insurance, and property taxes are based on a national average in the US.
  • Monthly basis payment of property taxes and insurance is not compulsory as it can be calculated and paid on a total.
  • Bi-weekly payments can help reduce total interest cost and hike payoff.
  • Extra payments help reduce the loan period.
  • PITI is an acronym for Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance.

Lastly, mortgage calculations don’t include some recurring costs that come with home ownership. Also, savings help with tax deductions on mortgage payments.