Moneygram Tracking : Before we talk about talk about MoneyGram tracking which has been a challenge to many; let’s, first of all, understand what is MoneyGram and how it works.

What is MoneyGram?

MoneyGram is one on the most suitable, effective and efficient means of money transfer both local and international. One can use MoneyGram to either send or receive money through an agent at any location around the globe, using either standard mail, account transfer or online portals.

MoneyGram Tracking

How Does MoneyGram Work?

According to MoneyGram, fund transfers can be carried out in-store or online. With the online service, the sender can transfer a maximum of $2,999 USD to some countries. The transfer of funds can be done from debit or credit card to any physical location for pick-up or directly into a bank account and are also made available that same day. Funds transferred from bank account are made available in 3 business days

MoneyGram Tracking is the process of keeping track of the money order from the sender’s or receiver’s end. To avoid panicking of where your money could be and for security purpose, MoneyGram tracking is one essential function.

The last time I checked as at 2015,  there was over 40,000 MoneyGram transfer agent in United State. According most transfer takes just several minutes

MoneyGram Tracking and the few steps involved

Below we will be looking steps on how to track money transferred using MoneyGram

Step 1. Visit MoneyGram website by typing into the address bar of your browser, then press Enter.

Step 2. Once the page opens, select the Track a Transfer link. You will find that option at the top-right on the menu bar, just click on the text.

Step 3. You will be required to enter some necessary info such as “transfer authorization number and the recipient’s last name to search the status online. If you have the both, enter it into the search field then click the “Track Transfer” button

Step 4. After you have clicked the track transfer button, the result will then display for you to review the transfer status. If eventually, the result shows there is no record of money transfer, I’ll advise the user to contact customer support for further assistance.

How to contact MoneyGram customer Support

If you are looking for a way to contact their customer support, the steps are given below

Step 1. On the same screen find the Customer Support link. It is located at the top-right corner of the screen; click on the text

Step 2. Choose an option for Customer Support and contact MoneyGram. You can either choose to call MoneyGram or go ahead to complete the online help request form. I will prefer you call as the online service rep are available by phone 2-4-7.

Finally, you can also contact the support team through their Live chat which you will find below your screen to get instant response 

I am sure the brief info has gone a long way to help you track your fund transfer via money gram. Learn More efficient and effective fund transfer media