Logitech UE Boom-2 is a revised version of the earlier model that comes with a better wireless range of as much as 100Ft. & it can go 25% louder as opposed to the 1st Gen model. The Boom 2 also has more color choices than the previous model.


With the help of an application for Android or iOS operating system, the user can connect the device to any other UE speaker for getting twice the sound, using it like an alarm and remotely turning on the device using their smart phone.

Logitech UE Boom-2 Features

Design and Build Quality

This isn’t the only tubular speaker which you’ll find in the market. However, whilst the speakers may be very similar in size & shape, the Boom-2 looks more stylish of all since it is offered is various color choices including white, red, Blue Steel, Night Blue, aqua and etc.


The best thing about the UE Boom-2 speakers is they support NFC pairing. However, even if your device does not have NFC, all you need to do is hold down your Bluetooth key on topmost of the speaker till it pairing mode becomes accessible. The 3.5mm aux jack can also offer connectivity for additional gadgets.

Also, Logitech lets you pair 2 distinct UE BOOMs with the help of the UE BOOM application. You could also alter the EQ with either a five band equalizer or the preset of the application.

Battery Life

According to the company, you can expect to get up to fifteen hours of operation time from the Boom-2 speakers, which seems to be quite impressive. You can check the battery life either with by holding + & – keys or with the UE BOOM application.


The best thing about the Logitech UE BOOM-2 speakers is it gets loud. Meaning, the speakers could pump out way more volume as compared to majority of the speakers of its size.

Pros and Cons: Logitech UE Boom-2


Good soundscape

Perfect treble and midrange

Compatible with 2 speakers for strong stereo


Bass is not that great

Conclusion: Logitech UE Boom-2

The Logitech UE Boom-2 speaker can be used for a variety of purposes. It can make for a perfect quality of sound. In addition, the complementary application is not bad either, it allows the user to adapt the sound system for a variety of moods. So, if you don’t mind paying a few extra bucks for a good quality speaker, the UE Boom-2 may be an excellent option for you.