LinkedIn search, comprises of various tools, that you can use to find any person, job, or opportunity. Be it top industry influencers, and relevant groups, to the most current posts on topics of interest, you can get the information, that you desire, using the LinkedIn search.

LinkedIn search

The LinkedIn search is a unique search tool; it is one of the most user-powered social search engines on offer. With the LinkedIn search bar, at the top of several LinkedIn pages, you can search for just about anything. Just tap any of the search suggestions, that is displayed in the drop-down list, as you type, or submit your search, to see the full results.

With its millions of worldwide user’s, LinkedIn, is the ideal place, for professionals to connect, find work and also be found. The LinkedIn platform is more focused on learning and professional development.

The LinkedIn search can be confusing at times to use, but once a user, has mastered the basic, and advanced search methods, you’ll discover that you can use this platform, much more to your advantage.

Let’s quickly take you thru, how you can run a search on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Search – How to Search on LinkedIn

  • Type in your keyword, in the search bar, situated, at the top of the page
  • Choose an option from the drop-down list that pops up, as you type, or tap the search icon to run the search.
  • Related search terms, are predicted by the type-ahead feature, as you enter your keywords into the search bar.
  • If you are searching for a company, the company page will pop up, in the drop-down, if a page is created.
  • The following tabs, will be displayed at the top of the search results page;








  • Clicking on any of these tabs enables you to view search results in that category.

The new LinkedIn search filter experience is divided into two categories, these are;

  • The most frequently used filters, which includes Locations, Connections, and Current companies, these, are now situated, at the top of your search page. The additional search filters, for people and jobs, are located, in the All filters section.

In case, you are searching on LinkedIn, as a guest, you may be required to sign in or sign up, to keep searching.

Advance your search, by using the LinkedIn search, to find people with similar interests, role models, and influencers, and broaden your professional network and expertise.