LinkedIn profile is simply your LinkedIn page; it includes all your basic info, like your career history, education, and other related content you publish.

LinkedIn Profile

With a complete LinkedIn profile, you connect with opportunity. It acts as a landing page, where your personal brand, can be managed. Your LinkedIn profile also enables you to tell people, who you are and what you do, by displaying a general history, for your professional experiences as well as achievements.

With your LinkedIn profile, a personal touch, can be added, which a typical resume or CV may not be able to reflect.

LinkedIn, offers a variety of features, to enable you to meet your objectives, by leveraging, your profile, or the profiles of other members.

Having a good LinkedIn summary, is vital, as it enables you tell your story. It is also where, you can reach candidates, as these candidates would love to check you out, before reaching out to you to ascertain, who they are dealing with.

With more than 530 million users in over 200 countries, LinkedIn, stands out, as the world’s largest professional network. With this statistics, you would agree that having a good profile, does not set only you apart, but also your brand, and whatever, you stand to offer. Thus writing a going LinkedIn profile is key, if you want to stand out on this platform.

How To  Create a Professional Linkedin Profile

To have a good LinkedIn profile entails the following;

  • Try as much as you can, to make your paragraphs, as short to 3-5 as possible, as you don’t want to bore people with long stories of your life history.

Try to write your LinkedIn profile without using buzzwords and empty phrases. Always make sure, you cross-check your summary, with the most overused buzzwords on LinkedIn profiles, and click your thesaurus, for alternatives

  • Avoid, using long, dense paragraphs, and use sub-heads, to make your profile more attractive. Just keep your words, sentences, and paragraphs tight
  • Make use of keywords, to upgrade your standing, with candidates, when they search LinkedIn and Google. Include keywords, that highlight, your top skills, and list your area of specialties, at the end of your summary.
  • Add a video, article, or SlideShare about your company and culture.
  • Proofread your profile, and ask for other peoples opinion. Avoid grammatical errors or typographical errors.

These are just some of the suggested ways, with which you can write your LinkedIn profile, you can use as many other methods as possible to write a good LinkedIn profile, which can set you apart from the rest.