Instagram Marketing – Instagram for business – Do you have a dream of growing your business as fast as possible? Do you want to keep your already existing customers updated with your new product and packages? Then you don’t need to worry much. Instagram is the way to go. Instagram is one of the latest tools you need for your marketing.

instagram marketing

In this article, I will give as many info as we can for you to start applying Instagram marketing in your business.Presently Instagram is counted among the fastest growing social platform and every business is striving to take advantage of the platform.

How to start Instagram Marketing

At this point in think, you much be wondering how possible it could be to market on Instagram. On this article we will be going through the process you need to start.

Before you start your Instagram marketing on Instagram you need to have a well-functioning Instagram account.

How to set up an Instagram For Businesses

Download App: Instagram is a social media that is highly App based, unlike other social media. It implies that Instagram is more efficient on App which means it works more on a mobile gadget. But other social media like Facebook can be used effectively both in the web browser and app.

Let me put you through the step of downloading your Instagram app.

  • If you are an android gadget user you can vista Google play store search for the Instagram app. Then make use of the download button. But if you are an iPhone user you can use the Apple store to do the same thing. I hope the above steps are simple and clear.

Create an Instagram Account using an Email address: Now after you have successfully downloaded the Instagram app you are supposed to sign in but that is if only you had an existing account. Because this account you want to create is a business account you are advised to use your business email. By using this it will he people to find you easily using you mails

More Tip on Creating Businesses Instagram Account

Choose an Easily Recognizable Username: This is essential because it has a big role to play in your business. In the process of opening the Instagram marketing accounts, when you are asked to provide username and password. This stage is very important because the brand name you use determines how easy it will be for people to find you.

Pick a Good Profile Picture: The image that will be used as your profile picture should be a powerful one. The image should be related to your brand. Something thing that will easily pass the message to the people. Because it is basically for your business it is advised that you use your Logo, a very bold one. Don’t try to import from Facebook as it will bring your profile picture from Facebook.

Follow People and Engage: Now you have your account running fully. Your next aim should be to make as many friends as you can. For you to get many friends on Instagram you have to follow as many friends as you can in other grow your followers. There Marjory two ways you can follow more friends. At the top of your app, you have two options to add friends.

  • Find Facebook friend
  • Find contacts

Click on any of the above and it will take you through the process of importing your Facebook friend.

Instagram is an interesting, expressive and visual social network. Go ahead and use Instagram to build your business as it will go a long way to skyrocket your business.