IDENTITY THEFT : ONLINE IDENTITY THEFT : This is the fraudulent practice of using another person’s name and personal information in order to obtain credit, loans, etc.

Identity theft is mostly common in online dating, where individuals enter into relationships with others without really knowing who they are really communicating with, this has greatly brought about death, and financial loss to the victims.

Identities of artist, actors and actress military personnel and even persons related to the victims are being impersonated by these fraudsters to gain access to your finance and personal information.

identity theft

The earliest form of identity theft weren’t online before the advent of information communication technology, fraudsters get their victims from offices, streets or any busy or business location, they impersonate policemen, companies executive workers, international businessmen etc.

They make their victims believe in their legitimacy by presenting false documents to them after which they draw a business plan with the victim and finally cart away their money, account information and every other personal information that will be harmful if revealed to a second party.

With the rise of the internet, the use of social media sites for fraudulent activities is rampant as most individuals are gullible to information’s they hear taking it in hook line and sinker.


It is the duty of every person online to protect his or her own identity from theft, though most social media sites have been trying vehemently to combat this menace in the cyber world, Facebook, for example, closes suspected accounts with double identity and tells individuals to confirm their identity by producing important documents that proves ownership of such accounts.

This has tried in check mating identity theft a little, as fraudsters have also device means of forging documents like identity cards, drivers license as confirmation of identity, this simply means that with the continual rise of identity theft the safety of individuals online and offline can no longer be guaranteed as visibly all information regarding to your life, family and finance are all posted online.

The following ways are the simple procedure that an individual can use in protecting his or herself against identity theft.

  • Do not place confidential information’s online
  • When communicating with a stranger who wants to be your friend or enter into a relationship with your check for the viability of the persons claim to be sure you are not communicating with a fraudster
  • Do not divulge your information’s you know would be harmful to you if known by a third party.
  • Make use of online confirmation identity sites to confirm identity of persons.
  • Social media sites like Facebook gives you the opportunity to hide most of your information’s in your profile, please go to your settings and hide information’s that are important to you.
  • Once you realize that your account is being hacked quickly report to the administrator of the site and inform all your friends and family that your account is being hacked before its being used to hurt somebody or report to any site that deals with retrieving hacked accounts.
  • Pictures, mobile numbers, Skype conversation or IP address, identity card or any other document is not a proof that the person you are communicating with is genuine, as all these can be forged, therefore be wise and internet safe.

Conclusion: To avoid the had I known statement or fall victim of such circumstance, kindly make use of these points given. Please drop a comment if you have any question with regards to the topic, we can help you out as fast as possible