How to Unfriend on Facebook is one discussion most users consider to be of high importance in Facebook. Most persons know how to send friend requests and to accept friends but can be held bound when they think on how to unfriend Facebook friends.

How to Unfriend on Facebook

Users have their personal reason why they ask to unfriend friends. Sometimes you get to accept scammers as friends without any suspicion at first. At other times, some friends give users unnecessary disturbance which they do not want. Personally, you can also have your own reasons for this action.

How to Unfriend on Facebook

The follows steps should be taken at heart for all who want to disconnect themselves from a certain Facebook contact. I have briefed you on How to Unfriend on Facebook but I want to enlighten you more. We all are acquainted with the fact that Facebook presents to you the opportunity of meeting several people around the world. Now take a deep breath as I unfold how this is properly done.

  • Get on the Timeline of the individual you wish to unfriend
  • Tap the Friends button and then watch the menu for assigning people to friends lists appear
  • Tap the unfriend link(an option will pop up asking you if you really want to unfriend the person)
  • Finally, from the friends button click ‘Remove’

This particular action can be done with more ease and without any the individual, you unfriended getting to find out. It happens just by you getting on their timeline and hovering your mouse pointer on the individual’s name. Check out for the window pop up. Tap ‘Friends button’ and from your menu click on ‘Add to another list’. After that, scroll down to the last and selected ‘Restricted’. Am sure this is even easier.

How to Tell If Someone Has Unfriended You

For users who suspect they have been unfriended, let me tell you how you can get to know this. These steps are applicable.

  • Select a prior year on your timeline
  • Select the particular number of friends you got in contact with that year on your friend’s box.
  • Click ‘Made X new friends’

Anyone who personally unfriended you will have an Add Friend link next to his or her name. Now that’s how you know if someone actually unfriended you.

Mind you, blocking and unfriending are different. Read my article on how you can block friends on Facebook. It will teach you more in this area.