Hangouts Video calling is a quick, free to access tool. It enables you to stay connected, message friends, begin free video calls, and hop on a conversation with a person or group.

Hangouts Video Calling

When you make a video call, a larger window pops open, granting you access to all the apps and features linked to the video.

Hangouts Video Calling is good for video conferencing for individuals and large group, and users enjoy new emoji voice and video chat.

Features of Hangouts Video Calling

This features of the video calling app enable you to make the most and understand your video calling app. There are as follows;

  • Google Effects: This Hangouts feature, enables you to add silly hats, mustaches and more to your video
  • Chat: This opens a sidebar that enables you to chat with other participants
  • Screenshare: Enables you share your screen, with options to display a specific window, full desktop or certain app
  • Capture: Capture a Screenshot of the Hangouts
  • YouTube: You can watch YouTube Videos with other hangouts participants
  • Google Drive: Use Hangouts app to collaborate on existing Google Docs or begin a new one.
  • Google Effects: Users, can use the Hangouts app to enable the other participant to control your computer remotely (with permission )
  • Add Google Apps: This opens the Hangouts app store
  • Invite People: Enables you add participants
  • Mute Microphone: With this, you can mute your Microphone
  • Turn Camera Off: This turns your camera off
  • Limit Bandwidth: Enables you manually control your video quality so you can adjust bandwidth usage
  • Settings: With this, you open settings for the camera, microphone, and speakers
  • Live Call: Exits user from a video call
  • Google Hangouts Room URL: Unique URL for your current Hangout
  • Help, Keyboard Shortcuts and Send Feedback: Tap here for links or quick references to each
  • Hangout Participants
  • You

How Hangouts Video Calling Works

Before you get started on using the Hangouts Video Calling, you will first be required to have a  Gmail, Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Education account and the account must be activated.

Once you have complied with the above-mentioned instruction, you can now access the Hangouts Video calls. If on a computer, you begin a Google Hangouts video call from one of two places (i. e.) your Gmail inbox or Google+. If on Gmail, locate the Hangouts icon at the bottom left corner, and on Google+, locate it at the upper right corner.

In case you have not yet conducted a Hangout, a prompt will be sent to you to download a plugin.

The next thing to consider when making the Hangouts Video call is to ensure you are using the right Google account. If the Google you are using is both personal and work email, ensure you are hanging out from the correct account. This is essential on either end of a video call-sending or receiving an invitation.

Stay connected to the people you love, by sharing, messaging and video calling. With this, you get to see the people who matter to you in real time, just by clicking on a button.