Google Plus is a reliable social network developed and owned by Google. It is abbreviated Google+. Am sure you conversant with other social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, BBM etc.. So there is no doubt you have an idea what a social network is about. But before then, let’s take a look at what Google Plus is really about.

google plus

About Google Plus

The network was launched on the 28th of June in the year 2011. The operations of this social network are handled by Google. It succeeded Google Buzz making it the fourth in the Google social networking series. It is a platform aimed at helping individuals all over the world connect with each other better based on Google policies. Google Plus is vast because it enables you to do more beyond just uploading photos and updating status. It’s far beyond that. Let’s delve into the features of this network.

Features Of Google Plus

This connectivity network has numerous features which are excellent and distinct in their functions as the network has been a big threat even to Facebook. This shows you the quality of it. It is pretty easy to understand whether you’ve been on any social network or not in times past. The first thing that captures you when you get on Google Plus is its amazingly colorful displays and proper structuring of all its functions. Let’s check it out, guys.

The features of Google Plus are as follows;

  • A Google Plus social platform called ‘Circles’ is used for majorly two functions which are; creation of groups for sharing and proper control of contents of one’s stream.
  • Streaming is also another important feature because it helps view updates from individuals in your circle.
  • Profile creation is a future which validates you when having an account. It is visible for the public to see and is connected to several Google properties. Your profile may require the following like; cover photo, profile photo, about you, interest, workplace, school etc..
  • Google Plus is the backbone account for several Google services which include; Gmail, YouTube, Google Wallet, Android, Google Play, Google map, Google music and lots more.
  • With the +1 button, you have access to site recommendation.
  • A setting known as ‘Privacy’ helps users uncover information to circles.
  • Google+ Pages helps organizations and businesses stay connected with their fans.
  • Google+ view gives an account of the view an individual has on his/her content be it posts, photos etc. It’s usually displayed on the profile page of all users.
  • There is also side-widget called Google+ Badges which is for drop-downs.
  • With Google+ communities you can develop a forum which is built on a particular topic.
  • A function called ‘Location’ gives users the leverage to share their locations with others.
  • Comments and shares can be seen using ‘What’s Hot’ which is a stream.
  • You also have an online photo editor called ‘Google+ Creative Kit’.
  • With Auto Awesome you can apply effects on images.
  • You can make corrections on subtle to improve your photos using Auto Enhance.
  • Permission to import photo and video collections in large quantity is granted by the aid of Google+ Auto Backup.


Google Plus helps you shares thought with people around the world. For the fact it’s a social network the communication part can’t be overemphasized as you could use it for video chatting, messaging and voice conference. This happens with the use of the Google Hangouts.

You can download Google mobile app from your play stores.

To sign up you can visit