Google Photos is an app that has not really been recognized by people. This Google Photos helps you to save or backup your photos. With this, the fear of losing your pictures either by the loss of your phone or by any other means is reduced.

google photos

With  Google photo, you have no worries of the lost photos because it’s safe and can be regained. This app helps you to edit your photos online and also share the photo to lots of people and also to those who don’t have the app wow!!!

What an amazing app you need to get. This app is not just limited to photos alone, you can also save and share your videos.

How Does Google Photos Work?

Google photos do not work by magic. All you need to do is to understand the app very well and while using it you will find it very interesting and fun. This app is very easy to use even for a beginner. Below are the processes to use Google photos.

  • Firstly you have to get the app on your phone before using.
  • Open the app on your phone, click on upload. (It will take you to your gallery)
  • select any picture of your choice
  • Select the quality level for your picture
  • Set a date for the photo
  • Edit your picture

You can also Use the “Assistant” to create collages, animations, and stylized photos if you really want to do that to your photo

  • Click ok

The photo is being uploaded and you can also add or create an album by clicking create an album, name the album and them add your photo to the album created.

How to Download Google Photos on Your Device.

It is very necessary you get your google photos on your phone so as to access it anytime you wish to and you can only do that by downloading the app on your phone. Below are the steps to download this app on your phone. Also, this app is available for both Android and ios devices.

  • Open your browser, Google play store or iTunes store
  • Type on the search box “GOOGLE PHOTO APP”
  • click on download app
  • download and install

Notice!! This app will not work except you have your Gmail account so therefore if you have not signed up for Gmail mail account hurry now and start enjoying your Google photo app.

You may be wondering how to sign up for Gmail account, here are the steps to be taken also to sign up for your Gmail account which does not require much from you, it’s as fast and easy same way with the Google photos.

  • Open your browser
  • Type on the search box GMAIL SIGN UP
  • Click on Gmail sign up/ login account
  • Click on sign up

Follow and fill up the information that is required from you carefully I( Names, Gender, birthday, choose your username, choose your password, phone number)etc.

  • Click sign up and agree to the terms & conditions. And with this, you have gotten your Gmail account setup and ready for use.

You might be asking if Google photos is safe and private for you to upload your pictures? YES, DEAR, It’s very safe and private. The pictures uploaded to Google photo are private and at the same time you can also make it public if you wish to. So, other people can see the photos unless you share them with other people.

How To Retrieve Photos From GooglePhoto.

Like I said before, this app helps you to save your pictures and reduces the fear of losing photos. It is possible and easy to regain your pictures from Google photos whenever you need it. Here are the steps to retrieve your pictures.

  • Open the GooglePhotos app.
  • Click on Menu which is at the top left corner
  • then Click on Trash.
  • Click and hold the photo or video you desire to recover.
  • Click Restore at the top right of your device.
  • And with this little steps, you have gotten your photos or videos fully recovered back to your phone.

Google photo is an interesting app that helps you save lifetime photo for memory reason. You can go back to your google photo to retrieve some old pictures and you will surely be amazed at your picture. You can share this same with friends and loved once all over the world. It has an unlimited space for storage (store as many pictures and video you can).I know with this you are ready to get your Google Photos app on your device, hurry now and download and get started with it and enjoy the fun of this app.