Google Now was created by Google in order for one to have Google personally be of help to him. It is a smart personal assistant that could help do a couple of things that could be of importance to you as an individual. Smart right?

google now

This was initially released on the 9th of July 2012 and became officially established on the 29th of October 2015.

It is available on the following operating systems below;

  • Android
  • IOS

Brief On Google Now Functionality

Don’t be confused on how this works. The app is a very reliable assistant. You are liable to ask it any question and it gives you the answers you want. Give Google Now access into your personal life and it would always provide you with not only info you ask to get from it but info’s it thinks you may need be it traffic, news, weather sports scores or any real time event. These info’s pop out in form of cards and when tapped on you get more details on them and if you have no need to know what info it is, you ignore by a simple swipe. Also, Google Now can serve as a reminder to help you have an order as you go about your daily activities every day.

Features Of Google Now

Once you start making use of Google Now, one of the greatest shocks is you would observe it give you things you need even before you ask. It’s just like it is in your brain. Now it comes with several features as listed  below;

  • You become aware of what’s happening with your best sports team and most followed stock by entering your team and stock on your Google Now settings.
  • It provides you with all necessary info about your journey and makes travelling stress-free.
  • Google Now can tell you the distance you’ve covered walking or biking for a whole month if you got location history and reporting on your Android device with the aid of the accelerometer on your device.
  • It makes shopping pretty easy as it is capable of keeping track of packages you order online. It goes ahead to help you know certain stores that are available as you get into a shopping mall.
  • The Now keeps you updated on movie, TV shows and books.
  • When you’re mailed a ticket for an event, Google Now helps remind you of the event and the right time to go for that event.
  • Google Now voice command is interacting and can provide you with answers to questions you may ask it.
  • Just by entering your work address on the Now settings, Google Now can provide you with the time interval it would take for you to get to work so you don’t get all surprised when you meet traffic on your way going.


The natural language user interface is used by Google Now to answer questions, carry out actions by authorizing requests to set of web services and recommendations.

Activated your Google Now now by just saying “okay Google” and there it is.