Google Keep – Google Notes – Google now brings you another service which is called “Google Keep”. This is a noting-taking service developed by Google to help you take notes with several tools like images, lists, audio, and text. It was released on the 20th of March 2013 and can work on the following operating systems which are;

  • IOS
  • Android

It can also be accessed on the web just in case you don’t have an Android or IOS device because these devices provide you with the Google Keep mobile app.

Google Keep

Features Of Google Keep

Google is always on top of their game as they keep on being diligent and persistent at what they do. The Google keep is the out show of their persistent vibe. This service comes with several unique features that make your note of higher quality and standard. Check them out below;

  • It is highly beneficial to you as a user because it helps you to take notes in several forms like; lists, text, audio, and images.
  • Google Keep also gives the leverage to set reminders which are integrated with Google now.
  • With a particular function called ‘optical character recognition technology,’ texts can be extracted from images.
  • Voice recording transcription can also be made on the Google Keep.
  • Also, conversion of text notes to checklists is possible.
  • You have several amazing colors you would love with which notes could be coded. Examples of these colors are; orange, green, white, yellow, red, grey, teal and blue.
  • It is also your chose as the user to select a multi-column or single-column view.
  • Creation of notes could be made using your voice and this doesn’t sideline the creation of lists.
  • Your notes are made organized with the use of labels to categorize them.
  • Coping of texts can be made to your Google Doc and mind you, it’s going to be copied into a new Google Doc.


With the latest updates in Google Keep you can have the following experiences;

  • Pinning of notes
  • You have avenue to notes when you’re in use of Docs on the web
  • Potential to undo and redo several changes on note. This wasn’t available on the previous edition.

Get to use Google keep now for a more efficient note-taking. Remember it’s diverse as it has different forms with which you could take your notes. If you want to access it on net just go on the site ‘’. Or you could download it on your Android and IOS devices for a mobile experience.