Google Dropbox is an integration of some of the services between Google and Dropbox.

With, this, users, can create, open, edit, save and share Google Docs, sheets, and slides directly from Dropbox. This implies, that when you are working in Dropbox, you can save Google Docs, sheets, and slides to your Dropbox account.

Google Dropbox

Dropbox is carefully building out its content collaboration functionality to give freedom to users to use whatever tools they want to, on whatever platform they desire.

This, is done to enable users to work efficiently across devices with the tools they love, creating a partnership with Google Cloud also as a unified home for content and the conversations around it.

Google Dropbox, also enables G Suite users, make good use of the cloud collaboration company’s toolset, by allowing user’s open and edit G Suite files directly from Dropbox folders on the hard drive and the web.

With the Dropbox’s iOS and Android apps tightly integrated with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, users are allowed to create new files in Dropbox and then plunge right into the office to care for the details. Thus, your Dropbox storage can be linked to an office online account. Since both platforms have not announced how this works, Thus we will have to assume that the Google’s document types, will simply be added to the Dropbox interfaces when you ask it to create new files, that is if your Google and Dropbox account has been linked.

Those files will now be stored in Dropbox storage, where users can open and edit them straight through Dropbox’s interface.

More On Google Dropbox

The advantages for businesses in this is that Google Docs files stored in Dropbox will be managed the same as anything else; administrators can revoke access or otherwise keep tabs on those files, just the same as anything else stored in a company Dropbox account.

Google Dropbox will also enable user’s generate links to Dropbox files right in the Gmail interface. While the tool for the Hangouts chats brings Dropbox files directly into the new messaging program, where users can search, share and preview files without leaving the Hangouts Chat UI.

Integrating these two platforms will better benefit both users of both platforms. The Google Dropbox integration is currently expected to go live in the second quarter of 2018, with the two companies still in the process of working out the details of how the integration is going to work. With this done, users will be able to store, open and start G Suite documents in Dropbox.