Google Drive Sign in – Once your Google Drive account has been set up, signing into that is account easy. However, for those who have more than one Google Drive accounts,  they can only sign in with only one account at a time, even though switching between accounts is simple.

Google Drive Sign in

Google Drive Sign in – How to Sign in to Google Drive

  • On your web browser, navigate to You will be automatically redirected to Google’s sign in screen by your browser. This is the screen you use to sign in to all of Google’s application.
  • Fill in your Google e-mail address and password.
  • If you wish to be automatically logged in each time thru your browser each time you visit Google Drive, check the “Stay Signed In” box
  • Tap “Sign In.” After this, you will see your Google Drive

Google Drive Sign in For Those Who Have Multiple Accounts

You can sign in by going thru the following steps;

  • In case you are already logged into one Google Drive account, tap the account icon (either the blue circle, your email address, or your profile picture if you have added one) at the top left corner of your browser.
  • Tap “Sign Out.” After that, you will see the Sign In the screen with your email address and password already entered in.
  • Tap “Sign In” with a “Different Account.” You will notice the “Choose an Account” screen.
  • Tap “Add Account”
  • On the new sign in screen that pops up, enter the e-mail address and password of another Google Drive account.
  • Tap “Sign In.” There you have it!!, you are now signed into Google Drive for the other account.

Note; Both accounts will be remembered by Google (and your browser). Thus when you log out, you will notice the choose an Account screen, displaying both of your Google Drive accounts. Just tap on one of the accounts to sign in.

If you also need access to both Google Drives at the same time but don’t want to keep switching back and forth, you can try doing this;

  • Log into one Google Drive account with one browser (g. Google Chrome), and log into your other Google Drive account with a different browser (like Firefox). Since the browsers use different login sessions, you can view both of your Google Drives. You may not be enabled to move files back and forth between the two drives, though you can access and edit documents on both Drives at the same time without toggling back and forth.

With this, you can sign in at any time or stay permanently signed in to your Google Drive account to make the most of its service offerings.