is the best and most commonly used search engine in the world which is being addressed as Google web search, Google search or simply put ‘Google’ as used by most persons.


Let’s learn more about and how it functions…

Things You Should Know About Google.Com

The development of the search engine Google gave rise to the development of the site. It should be noted that this search engine has been in existence for 19 years since it’s released on the 15th of September in the year 1997. Permit me to say it is a big breakthrough in this 21st Century.

No mistaking, it is one of the first sites that comes to peoples mind when they need an info which has resulted in it having roughly more than 3 billion searches in a day. This makes it number one on the World Wide Web (www). is a web search engine and it generates its revenue from AdWords. And it is also made available by its developers (Google) in 123 languages around the world. Pretty cool huh…?

Google.Com Features

You definitely would want to know about the attributes this site possess which is of great essence to people when something has value. Now without beaten around the features of are as follows;

  • You can search for just anything in the world
  • Information’s from it are dependable and properly analysed by Google
  • It’s user-friendly
  • Easy to access even if it’s your first time using it
  • It provides you with multiple links for anything you may be searching about
  • It is educational
  • Can be used for research purposes of any kind

For the fact it’s on the World Wide Web, it should be clear to all users that it can only be accessed when you have internet connectivity. And you gain access just by going on your browser and typing It grants you access to Google itself.

Now, this access has been modified and made Google better reachable because of a new development known as Google App wish is available on Android, IOS and Windows devices. Get on the most visited site in the world today ‘’ and enjoy its reliability. It even offers you a great platform which is beneficial no matter what you may be doing which include advertisement and lots more.

Note, if you want to know the value of something, it just must be on