Facebook Likes – On this article, I want to bring to you how can get Facebook likes on your Facebook Business Page. When you get Facebook likes on your business page it has a lot of positive effect on your Facebook business page.  Many people feel like facebook likes have no much effect on a Business page but that is not for newly starting business. Let look at some importance of getting Facebook likes on your business page.

get facebook likes

  • When you get Facebook Likes it brings about  Brand Recognition/Familiarity
  • Facebook Likes Helps to Validate Your Business

How to Get Facebook Likes On Your Business Page

  1. Invite your Facebook family and friends to like your page, as Facebook grants you the option to do this directly from your page if you are the admin.

You can include a comment whereby you can ask people politely if they wouldn’t mind supporting your new business and liking the page. This will elicit a positive response from people if asked nicely.

You could also ask your friends to invite their friends to like the page as this will increase the page exposure.

  1. Post interesting, informative and interactive content on a consistent basis. Post that people will want to identify with and share with their friends such as photos, videos, contests and relevant articles.

You can also ask lots of questions and get people to comment on your posts, and make sure you give an answer to each fan personally as this encourages people to keep commenting and also inspire trust and loyalty in the brand your offering.

Give Facebook users access to upload photos to your Fan page as this will give them a sense of belonging.

  1. Offering incentives to your fans who like your page will encourage people to like your page in order to cash in on the rewards. These incentives can be special offers, coupon, or something creative to keep your fans asking for more.
  2. Solicit for help from other admins of related Facebook groups. Engaging other Facebook groups can largely boost the exposure of your page. This groups can share your page with many users, as this groups have the power to send out e-mail alerts to followers.

Thus, you need to provide good and relevant content to entice the admins of other groups and also offer to promote their groups as well on your page.

  1. Get a Facebook “Like Box” installed on your website, as this makes it easy for your website visitors to like your Facebook page without having to leave the website or go thru the rigors of searching for you on Facebook. This can greatly increase the likes you have on Facebook because chances are that if a person is on your website, they are already familiar with your service or product.

Intimate visitors to like your site by liking you on Facebook, and further entice them with exclusive promotions, offers and content they can’t receive anywhere else

You can also include the “Like us on Facebook” link in your employer’s e-mail signature

  1. Running a “fans only” contest is another way to garner likes to your page. This contest will motivate people to want to become fans of your page in order to join the contest.
  2. Post job openings on your Facebook page, to keep job seekers coming to your page for information. If you have any positions openings in your company or business, you can post the information on your Facebook page.
  3. You can also intimate real-life people about your Facebook business. You can also make use of fliers and include the “Like us on Facebook” phrase printed on the flier.
  4. Make use of Facebook ad to drive traffic to your page. Even though some of these ads can be expensive, you set a budget in order not to overshoot your budget.

Google ads can also be used to drive traffic to your page.

  1. Buy Facebook likes to increase the number of people who check you out your Facebook page. This will also increase your Page’s search ranking. It is advised that you buy the Facebook likes right at the beginning, just after your page set up.
  2. Promote your Facebook page in real life, by
  • Displaying your Facebook page contents live in your store television ( brandwand by thefunage.com)
  • Get your Facebook page URL printed and stick in your store
  • Also get your Facebook page URL printed on your Facebook page URL printed in the receipts or notices that you hand over to your customer.

With these few given tips getting more likes to your business would no longer be a challenge especially to the new business. On our next article, we will be coming up with more info that will help you grow your business fast.