Looking for a very nice and interesting dating site, well search no more because fruzo is here to connect you to as many people you want to meet online.


Fruzo is a free dating social network built for singles who are ready to be matched or paired. This site gives a very good platform for singles to meet their spouse online for a good and lasting relationship that would lead to marriage. Also, its not only meant for relationship but to enhance good relationship among people

How To Get Fruzo On Your Device

Fruzo is not just limited to a particular device alone, it works on all devices. Therefore you will have to get the app on your phone so as to get easy access anytime and anywhere. Get it on your android, windows and iOS phones today and stay connected to people all over the world.

For Andriod And ios Phones

  • Open your browser or google play store
  • Type in the search box ( FRUZO APP)
  • Click on download and after downloading you install the app.

How To Get Started With Fruzo

Like I said from the beginning Fruzo is a free dating site i.e. it’s for everybody above the age of 18, and also for serious minded people who are ready for a serious relationship. Below are the short steps to be taken to start connecting with friends all over the world.

  • Open your Fruzo app
  • Click on (login) if you are a member already and put in your login details, while new members click on (sign in)
  • For new starters, you will have to register before logging in
  • After which click on sign up and now you can meet with new friends.

What you need to know About Fruzo

Am sure you will really want to know the amazing features about Fruzo. These are the things that keeps you connected to more friends. Now let’s check out these features.

  • Video chat: Apart from chatting with friends, you can also do a video chat or call with them. This means that you can see your friends, dates and families through this video chat.
  • Profile: you can also create your own personal profile for people to see with your photos, descriptions, age location and lots more.
  • You can make lots of friends online by adding them to your friend list. It does not matter if you know them or not. You can search for these new friends either by adding their photo, description.
  • Chatting: you can send messages to friends and receive messages privately from your friends. You can also send pictures and any other documents to your friends.
  • You are also permitted to get your friends or date from other countries.

Conclusion: Fruzo is an amazing app that is built to keep you connected to friends all over the world. Thousands of people have already joined this social media and making new friends each day. Be the first today to join fruzo today and stay connected with new friends.