Foxit Reader is one of the treasures that you fine in the garbage masses of the internet. It’s a free Adobe Acrobat Reader alternative. My friend told me about Foxit few days back, in a very intelligent AIM discussion about how Adobe Acrobat Reader is terrible, and most PDF readers along with PDFs are Satan’s spawn.

Foxit reader

Actually it wasn’t that intelligent, but we decided that PDFs could be handled much better, and that Adobe Acrobat Reader shouldn’t be the only widely available and well known PDF reader.

Foxit Reader VS Adobe Acrobat Reader

Foxit Reader succeeds where Adobe Acrobat Reader Fails. It starts and loads fast, closes equally fast, and doesn’t take up much memory. The file size tops out around 2MBs, while Adobe’s top out around 80MBs. It also doesn’t cause Windows to crash, or other programs to fail.

Adobe Acrobat Reader takes up 41MB of memory with a 9MB PDF, while Foxit Reader takes up only 10MB of memory with that same 9MB PDF. It allows you to easily look at PDFs, and the scrolling actually works better in Foxit Reader. Anyone that has used Adobe Acrobat Reader can tell you that it’s a pain in the arse to scroll with.

Let’s say you actually want to work with your PDF document, that’s not a problem either. In the pro edition you can do everything you wish with your PDFs. The Foxit Pro Edition, unlike Adobe’s reader cost only $39 for a 1 user license, for the almost the same thing Adobe charges $449.

Now, I’m sure it’s more powerful, and made for bigger corporate jobs, but if you just want a reader that excels at doing the basic stuff, Foxit reader is one for you.

Foxit Reader also works brilliantly when paired with PDF Downloads extension of Firefox. Here are the steps needed to integrate Foxit with Firfox’s PDF Download Extension

*Once PDF Download has been installed a new selection, “PDF Download – Option” will appear in your Tools Menu. Select this option.

* On the ‘General Tab’, for Default Action, select ‘Open PDF’

* Click ‘Browse’ in the windows Explorer location the Foxit Reader (FoxitReader.exe) and click ‘OK’

*click ‘OK’ again to exit out of the PDF Download – Options.

Now whenever you come across a PDF File, Firefox will automatically load in the Foxit Reader, a process which is depending on your system speed will be nearly instant to a couple of seconds.