Flickr is really an amazing app built for you and I, to help us organize and also share our photos and videos to our family and friends around the world.


About Flickr

Am sure you want to know what its is all about. Probably you have been hearing about it long before now and you don’t know what it’s all about. I will give you the little gist about Flickr app.

Flickr wants to makes it easier for people to post their photos and videos online for their loved ones to see.

Now probably you want to share your photos and videos or family photos to your friends and relatives across the country privately or you want to post it online for everyone to see and like or comments. With Flickr App, all these are very possible.

It will like to get your photos and videos from wherever they are saved. Either from your mobile phone, or the internet, or your PC.It also helps share your photos and videos through a different medium.

How Do I Download Flickr App ?

Downloading the app on your devices is easy. This app is available for both Android and iOS phones. Below are the steps in downloading Flickr.

  • Open your google play store or apple store
  • Type in the search box ( Flickr app)
  • Click on download and after which you install.

How Do I Sign Up For Flickr?

To get started with Flicker does not require much from you. All you need is to fill up your details required from you. And if you already have an account all you need is to login with your password.

  • Open your browser or if you have the app already on your mobile phone, you open it.
  • Type in the search box (sign up flicker)
  • Fill in the necessary requirement (name, age, gender, date of birth, Gmail account etc.)
  • Click on continue
  • Choose a suitable user name you can always remember.

How Does Flicker Work?

It is not difficult to use. All you need do is just to understand the app and enjoy the life time experience. Flickr allows you to post your photos and videos for your families and friends to see and comment.

It also allow you to join a group you like where you can post your photos and videos and also see other people’s post. You can as well create your own personal group and other people can join.

Flickr also allows you to search for people or photos and groups. It also has some other little things you can keep the fun going.

  • The explore. This is where you can find the galleries, recent photos, the commons, world map, Flickr blog etc.)
  • Create. This where you can actually create your (wall art, photo book, order history )

Conclusion; There’s no other way I can use in persuading you to go get your Flickr app after reading all through all these. Share the life time experience with your families and friends through your photos and videos. And also get the best of views from other photos and videos.