I know you enjoying playing video games, I know you are a master of getting all the high scores and ending the games. But have you ever played a video game that’s endless? I don’t think you have. And now I challenge you to check out the Fallout shelter. It’s a game developed by the Bethesda Game Studios.

Fallout Shelter

It is endless and really interesting because of its matured features. It is a game that helps you know what responsible is about. I recommend it for kids especially those who hope to become great leaders. As it is said, “children are the leaders of tomorrow”.

About The Fallout Shelter

As always, the player of a game is the major character interpreted in the game. As for Fallout shelter, you as the player develops and takes charge of your vault. That is, you are the leader in this vault and all responsibility falls on you. It’s also a view of what daily lives of individuals could be like. Now let’s move on to the features of this game.

Features Of Fallout Shelter

Fallout shelter all comes down to responsibility as stated earlier and exhibits these following features;

  • You build up your vault which you lead. In this vault, the survival and progress of the individuals depend on you as the leader of the vault.
  • In the Fallout shelter, you ensure your citizens are always happy. And as you know limited supplies of essential community makes people unhappy. So you get to provide food, water, and even power for the members of your vault.
  • You even rescue others from wastelands and you designate them to buildings that really generate resources to help increase their statistics. Also, you could increase their statistics by bringing them up in rooms assigned to them.
  • Resource generation is influenced by the special profile of each character.
  • The levels of the citizens who may also be referred to as the dwellers are subject to increase as time passes by. This also brings about increase in their health. They even get news facilities and equipment’s that enables them to accomplish various tasks in Fallout shelter.
  • As long as there is live, replication must take place. In Fallout shelter, the increase is made possible as new dwellers come into the vault. The increase also happens in a place by reproduction of offspring. This reproduction happens when you pair a male and female in a quarter.
  • You also get bonuses (money) that aids survival of the individuals in the vault. And these bonuses are not expected to be lavished. You even get certain rewards in lunch boxes that contain resources to meet your needs.

You can also buy items via microtransactions.

Devices You Can Get Fallout Shelter On

Fallout shelter is available for;

  • Android devices
  • IOS devices
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Xbox One
How To Get Fallout Shelter On Your Android Device

Follow these steps;

  • Get on your Google play store
  • Go on your search menu
  • Type Fallout shelter
  • Pick any referral of chose
  • Download
  • Install

Just enjoy!!!