Facebook Video Downloader – Facebook video and photo sharing are now the “in thing” it enables you to download Facebook videos and save them directly from Facebook to your computer or mobile for free even without Java or Software.

Facebook Video Downloader

You can download videos from Facebook for free with just a click. It is fast and easy.

How to download videos on Facebook With Facebook Video Downloader

Downloading Public Facebook Video

  1. Get Facebook video URL

Be sure the video you are trying to download is hosted on Facebook servers and its privacy is public. Thereafter, right click and open the Facebook video in a new tab. Copy the video URL from your web browser.

  • Open the Facebook video Downloader online. “https://keepvid.com/sites/download-facebook-video.html”

Tab open the link above and paste the copied video URL in the video URL box as shown in the screenshot below. Tap the “Download” button.

  • Download your video in the required quality.

Facebook video can be available in two qualities- high resolution or low resolution.

Once you’ve identified the right quality, right tap and choose “ Save link as” to save Facebook video to your computer.

Note; if you are unable to download the Facebook video, it may be as a result of the privacy settings of the Uploader.

Downloading a Private Facebook Video

This are videos whose privacy is set to “private” or not “public” by the Uploader and it’s not possible to download that video just by using the URL on the Facebook video downloader

  1. Get the “page source” of private Facebook video

Right tap and open the video in a new tab

Right tap on the page and choose “View page source” or go for CTRL+U.

Copy the entire page source, by using “CTRL+A” and “CTRL+C”

  • Open the private Facebook Video Downloader

Open the above link and paste the source code in the box as displayed in the screenshot.

Tap the download button

  • Download and save the video

Identify the required quality, right click and choose “Save link as” to save Facebook video to your computer.

How to download a Facebook Video to PC using Google Chrome.

  1. Tap open Facebook in Google Chrome ( this only works in chrome). Use the Chrome Web Developer tools to locate the link for the private video.
  • Tap open the link, to the video you desire to download by tapping on the video in the videos folder under photos in your profile or tap on the time that you posted the video to open the page where the video is shown on its own. The video opens on its own page.
  • Tap the Chrome menu button. You can find this at the upper-right corner of the window. Take your cursor over tools, and then choose “Developer tools” a small bar appears at the rear of the web page. Tap the “Unlock” button in the bottom left corner to open the Developer tools in a separate window
  • Tap the Network tab in the Developer tools. This opens a list of items on the current webpage.
  • Play the video, for it to appear. You will be required to play it from start to finish in the Facebook window. After the video is complete, tap the “Type” column to sort the lists of objects by their file type. Navigate down until you locate one labeled “video/mp4”.

If the video is played, and the file is not seen, keep the developer tools open and refresh the Facebook page with the video. It is advised you play it again from start to finish, and check the list. This may have to be done several times for it to appear.

  • Right tap on the video address in the “Name” column. Choose “Open link in new tab”. A new tab opens just with the video
  • Right tap on the video, choose “Save video as…” and thereafter choose where you want to save the video and what you want to name it with.