Facebook Traffic – Facebook user base, has set it apart as the king of social networks. With its ever-growing base of active users, Facebook has become a hub of activities which enables businesses to get and optimize effectively.

facebook traffic

Over the years, marketers have been scouting for new avenues to get their content in front of their audiences, because once you get a massive audience to view your content, they will come back to your Facebook page numerous times.

Here, we provide ways with which you can generate Facebook traffic on your Facebook page.

Facebook Traffic – How to Drive Traffic to your Facebook Page

  1. Your Facebook Page, can be promoted on other social network sites. This implies that you can promote your Facebook page to other audience you have built on other network sites like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube etc. and this can gives you thousands if likes and subscribers.
  • Promoting your Facebook page on your blog is another avenue of driving traffic to your Facebook page. With the WordPress plugins that enable you display your Facebook page, and some of it’s posts directly on your blog. Your Facebook page can garner more audience, if this audience are your blog audience who like your content on your blog. But, note; your blog audience can only be enticed to your Facebook page if you include a call-to-action. This can be included through your blog’s sidebar. If a fancy widget or plugin that displays your Facebook page and the like button is not seen, an image could be taken of the Facebook logo that reads “Like Us On Facebook” or something similar to that, and link it to your Facebook page. Once this is done, when people tap the “Like Us On Facebook” picture on your blog’s sidebar, they will be navigated to your Facebook page.

    2.Emails can also do the trick of generating Facebook traffic to your Facebook page. By sending meaningful emails to your subscribers about what you do can guarantee a good source if traffic to your Facebook page.

  • Posting on your Facebook page multiple times a day, is another way of generating Facebook traffic. This enables you build a stronger relationship between you and the audience that you already have
  • Advertising has been known to be one of the strongest tools of promotion. This also applies to Facebook, because it can be used to garner thousands of likes. Some marketers have also been known to use Facebook ads to promote their business on Facebook.
  • Follow the Facebook page insights given to you free of charge to know when a good number of your audience is on Facebook. This information will let you know what time of the day your content can be posted to enable your content attract more people.
  • Facebook groups, can also be used to drive traffic to your Facebook page. This can be achieved, by joining a Facebook page group through your Facebook page, other than joining it thru your personal fa account. Getting on this group platform thru your Facebook Page, enables every comment or post you put in the group to promote your Facebook Page. This implies that, when other group members hover over your name on the group page, they will see your Facebook page and the like button, instead of the personal account.

The following ways can enable you drive meaningful traffic to your Facebook page, thereby facilitating your business on the Facebook social media platform.