Facebook Top stories keeps you abreast on important issues that Facebook thinks you will find most important.

Top Stories is sorted by different factors. One of such is your relationship with a particular friend. Top Stories are easily recognizable by the upper left corner, which is blue in color,  tapping on this blue corner, removes the Top Story Status.

Facebook Top Stories

On the other hand, you assign Top Stories status by lingering over the upper left of a Recent Story and tapping the blue corner when it comes up. Your change of the status of a News Feed story intimates Facebook on the types of story you would love to see more or less in the future. Thus if you have been out of Facebook for a day, chances are, as you log into Facebook you will first see Top Stories, instead of “Most Recent” and you can be rest assured that you won’t miss out on important news anymore.

Facebook Top Stories operates, based on algorithm, it uses factors such as how many friends are commenting on a post to aggregate content that you’ll find interesting. In Top Stories, rather than display stories based on chronological order, it displays stories based on their relevance.

Facebook also has another option known as “Most Recent” which displays the latest news on your Facebook profile once you are logged in. This two options (i.e.) “Top Stories” and “Most Recent” work hand-in-hand to keep you updated on the current news. Below we bring you a guide on how to toggle between the two options to get the best of these options.

How to Toggle between Facebook Top Stories and Facebook Most Recent News Feed on your Android Device

  1. Put on your Android device
  2. From the home screen, click the Menu button to navigate to the apps list
  3. From the available apps, click your favorite browser icon (E.g. Google Chrome) and open Facebook.com
  4. In case you are not already signed-in, on the opened window, provide your login details in the appropriate fields, and click the login tab
  5. The PC version of Facebook site is needed to open on the mobile web browser (E.g. Google Chrome for the demonstration). Once you open and log in to your Facebook account on your mobile, in the address bar, remove the initial “m” from the Facebook URL
  6. After your done, tap the “Go” tab on the keyboard to open the PC version of the site
  7. On the Home page, of the PC version of your Facebook account, search for the News Feed option in the left-pane
  8. Lastly, click the down-arrow in front of the News Feed option to open the available toggle options
  9. From the displayed options, click to select the desired stories for the News Feed.