Facebook Store – Facebook as a social media platform, enables users set up a store on the Facebook page to sell products. This Facebook page is a page dedicated to your business, thus it is different from your normal Facebook page.

facebook store

Selling on Facebook enables you to earn extra bucks each month, thus to start a selling on Facebook, a Facebook page must first be created. Once this page has been set up, your store can be set up as one of the tabs on your page.

Creating a Facebook store enables people to visit your Facebook page, and tap through on your store Tab and actually purchase products directly from your Facebook store.

Creating a Facebook store grows your Facebook audience/ community as a part of your overall business marketing plan. When you are affiliated with a particular Facebook community, it makes it super easy to grow your business because persons with specific needs are targeted and met.

Read thru this article to learn how to create a Facebook store.

How to create a Facebook Store

  1. Start by installing a 3rd party Facebook store app on your Facebook page, this app gets visibly housed in your tab bar, right under the cover photo of your page
  • Tap on the drop-down menu to locate the store
  • Once the drop-down menu has been clicked, users can enter the store
  • Your Facebook Store Tap Icon 1 can be customized. This is done by moving it up to be visible on your Facebook page
  • Head over to your page and hover over the top right corner of your store app. Tap the pencil icon.
  • Choose which app you would like to ‘swap’ it with
  • This optimal position for your store tap will enable it to be immediately seen by your fans.
  • Change the title tap the pencil icon and tap “edit settings”, change your tab name, tap ‘save’ and ‘okay’
  • To change the tab image, tap the pencil icon, edit settings and then tap next to Custom Tab Image
  • ‘Change’; this directs you to another page. Tap ‘Change’ again to upload an image
  • Tap choose file, once a picture is selected it will preview your image
  • Exit the page. Proceed to your page to see results.
  1. Import your products, this 3rd party app, will automatically crawl your website or product source and sync your selected products to your Facebook page where your customers can quickly, and sometimes impulsively, purchase from you in a very accessible way
  2. Merchandise and get likes by rearranging products using the 3rd party apps
  • Tap the drop-down menu to change the status to ‘Front Page’ to rearrange the items
  • Tap the ‘Front Page’ click at the top of the screen
  • Drag the items around to how you wish them to appear in your store
  1. You can now promote your Facebook store by posting new products and specials to engage fans. It is essential to keep your fans rewarded for liking your page, update them to show that your business is constantly progressing.

You are welcome to the Facebook store, where you can grow your Facebook community and make sales.