Facebook Notifications are vital updates that keep users aware of their Facebook environment. Sometimes, things happen on our Facebook Home Page that we may not know about until we log in our Facebook accounts. These information’s may be in certain formats like;

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Comments
  • Tagged posts
  • Shared posts

Facebook Notifications

With the Facebook Notifications, notifying you of these info’s is certainly nothing to worry about. This is a form of updating you on recent happens on Facebook.

Advantages Of Facebook Notifications

These Facebook Notifications comes with series of merits. For me, I do not recall it having demerits at all. This is similar to the alerts you get on your mobile devices when a bank transacting just occurred. The reasons for Facebook Notifications are as follows;

  • It keeps you updated on the recent happens on Facebook.
  • You can receive it on your device even if you are not online just immediately it’s been posted.
  • It saves you the stress of trying to find out if you have a post or not.

How You Can Access Your Facebook Notifications

It takes the following steps to access your notifications on Facebook;

  • Get logged in
  • Click on the icon in form of a bell or globe on the top right of your home page
  • Then you can see you notifications
  • Just click on anyone you wish to view

You can enjoy seeing a post someone shared with you or tagged you. You can also view the post of a friend or mutual friend on Facebook. That is what makes socialization possible on this social media platform. Keep in mind that Facebook Notifications never stop coming whether you are offline or not.

Even if you haven’t been online for a very long while, you get the accurate number of notifications as due to you when you come online. You can discard notification on Facebook by long pressing on the particular notification. After that, the option to discard or hide it pop up. You also can control the way you receive notifications and who you choose to receive notifications from on Facebook.

Presently, even the Facebook messenger has an amazing format with which you are been notified if you have a message from a friend. Facebook Messenger is available for Apple and Android subscribers.

You can get your notifications easy while making use of any of these devices. The messages come in form of a little circle which has the photo of your sender on it. With a tap on that circle you can open it and with a swipe, you can discard it.

Sometimes, even updating your Facebook Apps comes in form of notification from Facebook themselves.