FACEBOOK NEW ACCOUNT – This post is engineered towards providing valuable information for Facebook account creation as well addressing some other related possible topics. To get started on How to Create a  Facebook New Account, the guidelines stated below will be as educative and informative as it can be.


To create a new account on Facebook, an email address can be used, a phone number or the use of mobile applications. Creating an account using your phone number is supposedly easier than the email process considering you will have to activate or verify your account through your email.

Having a Facebook new account these days seems to be a paramount idea as with Facebook you can easily connect with friends and family. Colleagues or classmates from way back can easily meet once again, exchange contacts, have a meet ‘n’ greet, host an event or anything of such occurrence.

On the aspect of technology steadily getting advanced and these advancements being attached to Facebook each day, a lot of conveniences has been made available for us. From understanding things we don’t know to seeking help can all happen within our Facebook wall or timeline.

So, for all new or returning users of Facebook, you can create an account through the web or mobile app.


  • Visit facebook.com
  • A signup form is made available. fill in all necessary information
  • Click on signup to continue
  • If registering with a mobile number, enter the verification code sent to your phone
  • Click on ok to continue
  • Add friends from the suggested list and you will be navigated to your home page


  • Download and install the app
  • Launch and head to the sign-up page
  • Tap on create new account
  • Enter all required information and click on sign-up
  • Enter the 5-digit code sent to your email address
  • Add a mobile number
  • Click on confirm and you will be navigated to your home page

When you are done with creating an account all that is left now is for you to set up your profile and edit your privacy settings to suit your personal need, then you can start posting or sharing for your friends to see and comment with you. Chat with new people, join groups, like pages, create and join events, etc.

You can login to Facebook through the web OR stay signed-in on the mobile app. To log in you will need your mobile number or email address and password. Once inserted, click on login to continue.

Getting to join the ever-growing Facebook world is not a tedious task at all. All it takes is a minimal time and it’s completely free. Go ahead and get on it now…!