Facebook Most Recent view, enables you to see all updates from your friends. This feature of Facebook also constantly refreshes itself to enable you to catch up with all the latest updates.

Facebook Most Recent

The Facebook Most Recent view feature shows you updates from as many as 250 friends and Facebook pages. You can adjust the number to have more friends and pages appear in the Most Recent if you have more connections by tapping “Edit Options” at the bottom of your News Feed.

The Facebook Most Recent feature keeps you in the loop about news from your friends that matters to you.

You also have the option of tapping on the “Hide” button if there is a person, page or story type that you don’t care to see in either of your feeds. This can be prevented from appearing in your News Feed by lingering over the story and tapping “Hide” the button shows up to the right. If ever you want to unhide them, tap “Edit Options” at the bottom of your News Feed, and select the friends or pages you wish to see updates from again.

How to Permanently Set your Facebook Most Recent / Facebook Feed to Show Most Recent

For now, though, Facebook has not put in place any setting to permanently change this setting in your profile. But a way has been offered to adjust Facebook, so that it always displays Most Recent, instead of Top stories. This can be done by clicking on this link; https://www.facebook.com/?SK=h_chr

This ask parameter at the end of the URL will now always display the most recent stories and will cause the banner to appear which indicates that you are viewing Most Recent. Thus, it is advised you bookmark the URL, or add it to your Favorites to enable you access Facebook with it anytime.

How to Sort Facebook by “Most Recent”

  • Facebook by default does not show you everything, rather it decides what it thinks you want to see depending on the things you like, comment on, and what kind of media Facebook is aiming at promoting.

But if you would rather see everything on Facebook in a chronological order, you can take a cue from this;

On the Facebook Website

  1. Tap open Facebook in your browser and tap the three little dots close to where it says News Feed
  2. From the menu, tap Most Recent
  3. Facebook will be refreshed, and you can now view everything in a chronological order
On the Facebook Mobile App

If you are viewing your Facebook feed on the iPhone or Android app, you can do that by;

  1. Opening the Facebook app and heading to the Menu pane
  2. On iOS select Feeds
  3. Choose Most Recent and you will see everything in a Chronological order.
  4. On Android, choose Most Recent from the Feeds on the Menu pane.

With this, you can now stay abreast with the “Most Recent” happenings all over the globe.