Facebook market enables you to buy and sell with your local community. It is where people connect, in buying and selling with each other. Facebook market has given access to more than 450 million people across the globe to visit, buy and sell groups each month. This spans from families in a local neighborhood to collectors around the world.

facebook market

Facebook market enables you easily find things you love, and also find a new home for the things you’re ready to sell. Note, you have to be 18 years and above to have access to post pictures of your garage sale items, collectibles and browse items offered by nearby sellers as well.

Why do You Need Facebook Market

To sell or buy on the Facebook market, the sellers, set a price and would be buyers are allowed to counter with another offer. The buying experience is quite seamless, it enables you to narrow down search parameters. The selling aspect is also quire easy, on the Facebook market, cos you can create a list and import images in less than a minute. Your items tab, also makes organizing and managing your listings and queries to and from buyers less burdensome.

Facebook marketplace, cuts down on shady dealings, by shedding more light on both parties in a transaction. It adds transparency and credibility when a buyer is considering whether or not to purchase from a seller.

Facebook market supplies you with ample information that enables know who you are interacting with. This is done, by displaying the location of buyers and sellers and user’s public Facebook profiles and cover photos. You can also view whether or not you have friends in common. Facebook market also intimates you on how long, a seller has been a Facebook user thereby eliminating potential scammers.

Facebook market charges no listing fees or taxes, as well as no return policies if a product is defective or vastly different than described in the listing. Facebook market simply lists the items and leaves the buyers and sellers to haggle the sales. The exchange of money and goods is left entirely to the two parties.

Tips on how to sell on Facebook market

  • Take good photos: To make great sales on Facebook market, your photos need to catchy, well-lit and in focus of what you are offering to the market.
  • Start by pricing your item on the high end: while you price your item on the high end without alienating people with outrageous prices, you have to be open for negotiations. People would not want to pay more than the listed price, but will try to negotiate, thus make your price such that can give you value for your item.
  • Let your items be listed separately: If you have more than one item to post, combining them is not the best option, because some persons may not have the patience to go thru a slew of items just to find the one item they need.
  • Boost your profile: To gain customers trust, make sure that your profile picture is a photo of you ( a well lit no offensive photo of your smiling face).
  • Start making sales: Once your item has been listed, and a potential buyer found, you can start making sale. Facebook is also there to help you connect with buyers thru Facebook messenger.