Facebook Friend List is the aggregation of your Facebook friends. This is a list which helps you see who your friends actually are and even the ones you share mutual friends with. On your Facebook Friend List, you have both friends you sent friend requests and they accepted and also does who sent you friend request and you accepted. For the benefit of users who are new to this platform, I want you to understand this properly because Facebook is about connectivity and you can’t do anything when you don’t understand how to connect with friends and where to find your friends on your Facebook page.

Facebook Friend List

How to Create Your Facebook Friend List

Your friend can be anywhere in the world and you can still reach them. All thanks to Facebook for their ideas. Connecting with your friends now can be done even without you trying. This is possible with the help of Facebook auto-suggestion. This come to play as a result of sharing mutual friends, interests and status on some basic thing just on your Facebook Profile. Now, let me brief you on how to create your Facebook Friend List. The processes are as follows;

  • Get on your Facebook Home Page
  • Scroll down to the left sidebar to ‘Friends Section’
  • Hover your mouse pointer over ‘Friends’
  • Click on ‘More’
  • Tap the Create List button
  • Give a name to your list and add members to it
  • Click on ‘Create’

How to Find Friends on Facebook

It is observed that users on Facebook majorly use their names more for easy identification. Sometimes, all you need do is use your search menu at the top of your Facebook page to find that friend. In this case, you can search out friends who are already connected to you on Facebook and those who are not. This is a very simple process. But if you want to get a full list of your friends or maybe you want to search someone out, you make use of the Facebook Friend List by going on your Home Page and selecting ‘Friends’ on your options menu.

When it comes to your friend list, you have various options since it is your own account and you decide how thing show run in it. This means that for this part, the setup is solely dependent on you. You have the choice to make it private, public or hidden. You also have the choice to arrange you friends list alphabetically or not. It’s just your choice.